Kelle O'Keefe / No ability to communicate clearly during and after Real Estate transaction

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During the whole process of buying a house the majority of communications were made through email. The Realtor lacked the ability to put together any sentences or properly punctuate these sentence. The emails looked like nonsense...literally!! It might seem minor but imagine trying to go through the process of buying a home and you can't understand anything your Realtor is trying to convey. It was almost like she was doing it on purpose with out a cause. To top it all off, when you'd try to get clarification on what she was trying to say she would get aggravated and not call for weeks. Beware, this caused many issues through the closing process, especially when she was trying to communicate with the sellers side and our mortgage broker. All parties involve were dismayed at her inability to communicate. She ended up not showing up to anything towards the end of closing.

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  • Rf
      1st of Mar, 2013

    Kelle O'Keefe did not disclose to me (buyer) that there was a plumbing leak after she was notified by the Water Dept. in Fitchburg, as required by law. She did not want to delay the closing, which she pushed through hastily, because she needed the deal closed before the end of the year. Kelle was generally bossy and not very pleasant. She passed the buck instead of doing her job. I will never buy a home from anyone that chooses to use a liar and a cheat like Kelle O'Keefe again

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  • Kl
      4th of Mar, 2013

    This is Kelle L. O'Keefe. In all due respect you need to seriously keep in check what you are posting and issue accurate information. There are lively hoods your are effecting in posting such inaccurate and incomplete information. ALL information was issued to your Attorney as full disclosure. Feel free to contact the seller's Attorney. That is what I stated when referring through the attorney as he advised me to cease communications as all requirement's were completed. The close office had the ethical responsibility to review all communication's with you as your Attorney could not be bothered to show for your close. Your buyer side was notified and shame on your side for not conveying the information!! I will be reporting this as well!

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  • Er
      16th of Apr, 2013

    I was the co-buyer in this transaction. As of Friday, April 12th, 2013 the dispute between the Buyers and Ms. Kelle O'Keefe (Seller's Broker) has been resolved to the satisfaction of all involved.

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  • So
      10th of Nov, 2015

    looks like kelle is still as unprofessional as 10 years back in a different buisness. ie selling alarm accounts that were closed/disconected
    leaving the dealers to fend for themselves when kelles' buyers found out they purchased thin air! just like her M.O..close the deal asap
    before anybody can find out her deceptions ! its not the real estate agents are deceptive..its just kelle!

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  • Ke
      20th of Dec, 2015

    Well if I recall every month that I had to track you down to pay your bill...pretty ironic. Never were the man enough to take responsibility for your business as indicative that you chose "Somebody-Anybody" as a user name. Really after over 12 years later you still are as pathetic as you were then as a wanna be business man?? Funny thing is I know who this is...we charged you $48 for every client and you charged triple if not more and could never pay your bills? Most savvy and successful people would have move way on. Diverse Monitoring Systems, Inc and all three partners, not "Kelle" sold it to a solid Co in New Jersey that took all the accounts and none was ever missed. That is why it took a year. Must mean you still cannot pay your bills since you seem to have the same issue many years past. I was the General Manager that kept your clients monitored since you could not balance your books...and never disconnected them do to you and past due payments. It was about the customers you could not pay for. I have a long list of investors and clients as a six figure business woman. Advice...move on and focus on another business if you still live in the past.. Best always.

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  • Ke
      20th of Dec, 2015

    I had stated this several times and my post is not being posted or I can view. I was the General Manager for a company over 12 ++ years ago. I am most certain this person who owed the company lots of $ as I had to travel to meet him for payment NUMEROUS times to keep his clients taken care of. Even after months of failed payments the company never disconnected them for safety reasons, . Diverse Monitoring Inc. sold to a Co in NJ and it took well over a year to do so in order to take care of ALL clients. ALL dealers were well advised a year ahead and taken care of. This "somebody-anybody" not "man" enough to state his real name is pretty sad after all these years to still stalk me for his failure in a business. Not sure if really sad or amusing Diverse charged him $48 a year per client and he made triple ++ and could not pay thus I had to personally chase him for payment. I am sure after 12++ years and his pathetic post of deception was that it was he with his clients and the lack of in taking care of them So have at it and blame me all these years later...obvious you sadly still stalk and blame me as I know who you are and your very failed business...sorry. Take responsibility for your failures...maybe in 2016 after 13 years you can move on and hopefully found employment that makes you money

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