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We write in distress to the fact we have lost 12, 000 euros that Khes Smedley and his company will not return to us. We came across this man at a property show in Manchester and ever since have regreted to the full that we did. He at first appeared to be a well trained professional albeit his appearence at first scared us due to his over bearing stance.

For weeks we were hounded with phone calls as he tried to convince my husband and I that our dream of owning 1 property in Portugal could be realised through his company, that they were totally different to the other agents in Portugal and would never have to worry about the security of our money. We finally gave in, which looking back was a very stupid move, and decided to take a trip to Portugal to look at properties, that 5 days has now cost us nearly 13, 000 euros including the money we spent on 'reserving' 2 properties and the expenses of the trip.

Khes and his people come across like the nicest people in the world at first, of course, they wanted our money and would do anything to get it. We dreamed of owning a property in Portugal for our own use and if the investment was solid over the next 15 years or so then that would be an added bonus, it was not our priority.

Throughout our time there and looking back there agenda was simply to extort as much money from us as possible. We were pushed into a corner to buy 2 properties because the 'investment' was a 'no brainer', deals of the century we were told. The lawyers we were introduced to by Khes were obviously working in his pocket. They are not responding to our calls now as they say our reservation fee was never given to them although we signed the paperwork in their presence but the money went straight to KBS.

Upon having the contracts read by our lawyer in the UK she spotted huge flaws, contradictions and a complete lack of security for us. The fact that the translations from portugese to english was massiveley incorrect did not help our cause.

Khes Smedley and his team now refuse to take our calls and do not reply to our emails. They say we back out and so they are within their rights to keep our money. Would they do not admit is that the contracts are not what they said they were. Upon ionvestigation the rental they promised we would get is not even 30% of what we would actually get. The finance options are not there from the banks like they guaranteed they were. All in all they make money from people who, stupidly, have not done enough research.

To make things worse we have now done further research into Khes Smedley and our shocked to see he used to work with Darragh Macanthony, of MRI property. You only have to google search these names and you will see what seems to be thousands of people have lost life savings and are involved in trying to form a class action against the company and lawyers in question.

All we can say is that we admit our stupidity in this matter, are thankful that we have only lost 12, 000 as opposed to 120, 000, and advise anybody considering buying an overseas property to spend hours investigating who they are dealing with, take time to look at properties yourself rather than with an agent and NEVER use the lawyer that an agent says for you to use.



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  • Te
      Jul 22, 2011

    Sorry to hear your story. I met this man at a property forum in London. My sister and I wanted to get more details on buying a house in Spain and we attended a show called Overseas Property expo, thinking it would allow us to meet lots of companies to get some good advice about the process. When we arrived we were pounced on by a group of slick looking sales people who insisted we should sit with a rep and learn more.

    We were introduced to to this man Khes and it dawned on us that the show was exclusive to ONE company, MRI who were based in Spain but claimed to have offices everywhere. Khes was a nice man to be honest but he was the start of a long hurtful situation. He booked us on a plane to Portugal when we really were only considering Spain and we did not hear from him again until just before we were supposed to fly. We had decided not to go on the flight but he kept saying 'you will be stupid' not to go.

    4 days of constant pressure followed and we were put off the whole idea of buying property anywhere. Having seen many bad stories on the internet about this company I can only imagine the hurt you must be going through.

    If I was you I would speak with your local MP and see if anything can be done. Good luck

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  • At
      Jul 27, 2011

    Have experience with this man. At first when I saw the name I thought I recognized it but could not be sure, then I saw MRI realtors it dawned on me. Stay away at all costs from this company or anything connected to MRI or this brash sales person. You have been warned and I to feel sorry for you Long John

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  • Le
      Aug 05, 2011

    To Whom It May Concern
    It seems on the face of the above posted comments that there is a reasonable cause of action for Defamation of Individual Character namely Mr Smedley & actions of a similar nature on behalf of KBS Overseas Properties.
    As such we respectfully request removal of said posts before appropriate legal action is taken.
    Yours Faithfully
    Direct Assignments

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  • Kh
      Aug 12, 2011

    To Whom It May Concern – Re: KBS Overseas Property & Mr K Smedley.

    Our company is a reputable company which sells many properties every year and has many satisfied clients.

    We believe in our company ethics of Quality, Value and Integrity.

    In order to deal with any issues whether they be real or alleged we need basic details of the complaint, without these basics we are powerless to assist or challenge said facts.

    We need details on the Client, Property, Names, Lawyers and relevant documents.

    We will be pleased to assist if we need to with any complaint but cannot do so without this basic information.

    I as a Director of the company request that complainants should contact myself so that we can have a mature conversation to try and resolve matters. I am also personally upset with this defamation of my character as I am well known and respected businessman.

    In the interim period we will be taking legal advice both in Europe and the USA and reporting the defamation of character to Google Headquarters in California.

    On behalf of

    Mr K Smedley

    Going through the complaint from top to bottom

    • The complainant has left no full name, or given any specific details as to who they are
    • Apparently they met myself the Chairman of the company at a property show in Manchester, where in Manchester, i.e. venue, time, date all of which can be easily verified and checked with the actual venue
    • In Portugal when you purchase a property, you must sign what is called a "offer and reservation" which is a legal document, which states full details of the client, legal representatives, details of the properties that have been purchased, why has no copy, or document been attached to the posting
    • I would also welcome anyone who wishes to investigate this claim further to contact the lawyers whom we recommend clients to use to see if any such purchase exists, again something which can be again verified, as we have never had a client purchase 2 properties, and go as far as the reservation stage
    • The lawyers were apparently in my pocket, what was the name of the legal firm used, the full name of their legal representative, why again has this not been stated
    • Apparently the complainant paid a reservation fee of €12 000, how was this paid, credit card, again where is the proof of payment, a statement, if by way of bank transfer? Where is the confirmation of the bank transfer, why again has this not been provided.
    • The funds apparently went straight to my company, in Portugal, as we are an agent we are not in a position to take funds acting as a reservation fee towards properties, nor do we have the facility to do so in Portugal, again this must be done by a legal representative, and the funds must be held in a clients account
    • Apparently contracts were read by their lawyers in the UK, what is the name of the law firm in question, why haven’t they contacted me directly, we can gladly contact them to see if such a purchase has been brought to their attention.
    • Contracts were read, please provide us the purchase contract, again this will verify if all the information given is true

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  • Ro
      Aug 18, 2011

    /link removed/

    Looks like Kbs have more than 1 problem on their hands.

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  • Su
      Nov 09, 2011

    I received a call from their telesales team. When i checked their company while they were telling me their details, they said they had sold 6, 000 properties and been trading for over 16 years. I checked on companies house and they have only traded for 2 years and had not alot of history. They told me it was for their customer service...they opened a UK company and so I ask myself why they would want to change their name from KBS Overseas property to KBS Internationalrealty. Companies only change their names when they have either problems or a reason to change. They then changed their pitch and said the company was a building company... what have they built in Portugal themselves ?
    Basically they come across like a group of cowboys and seem desparate to take your money ...when I wanted to make sure they were properly formed and wanted to check their history out the ABUSE started to come...making derogatory comments to me. Yes having checked their company it does not have a good history of continuity, they changed their company, their staff are abusive and cheeky, so why would anyone want to deal with them. I was right to check them out and would never ever deal with them again. If you dont want abuse and unprofessionalism, stay away.

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  • Ap
      Dec 08, 2011

    Thanks for that guys. I was considering contacting kbs with regards to investment. After doing some online research, I decided to contact Carnival properties and myself and friends have managed to buy a holiday home together. I'm so glad I read this when I did, it saved me a lot of hassle and I have had a lucky escape! I've heard a lot of stories about KBS being forceful with clients and cornering them into putting down deposits and turning very nasty if clients do not make on-the-spot decisions. I think this is completely unacceptable. It's a huge amount of money we are talking about. The agent needs to be understanding, relaxed and looking out for your best interests. KBS are in it for a quick quid. Best advice I had was to stay away from them. Thanks once again!

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  • Ne
      Dec 14, 2011

    I was fortunate to read of this company on expats portugal's website who I believe are now being sued for posting a complaint about KBS from a forum user.

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  • Da
      Jan 14, 2012

    These are really dangerous people!
    I have just met a couple to which they expelled from the hotel once KBS found they were not intending to buy a property upon the first visit.
    They actually ended by leaving this couple in Lisbon, when the return flight and last night hotel was set to be down in the Algarve!
    They ended by having to spend money on a taxi from Lisbon to Faro, when they were told that they would be assisted and there was no obligation to buy on the first visit.
    It is a shame this happens!
    My advice was for them to contact the Scotland Yard and the equivalent Police in Portugal. Policia Judiciaria!
    If nobody moves hundreds of people will be passing by this experience!

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  • El
      Jan 15, 2012

    Those who work or have worked for KBS Overseas Property & Mr Khes Smedley could all be tarnished with the same brush by mere association, but the truth is that even some of those who have worked for this company have also been ripped off or similar as KBS and
    Khes Smedley do not care for anyone, even though they come across as the nicest people you have ever met..! why? Well because as soon as you start to show concern for anything you are not sure about or happy with they will and do turn on you and believe me I know all about this.
    When you start to look at the facts and start to investigate this whole situation you will find that there are many people who are maybe too scared to say anything or even those who are not sure of what to do or where to go in order to stop this happening to anyone else in the future... For example their NEW NAME is KBS Internationalrealty or
    If you want to know much much more then just ask, we are making progress in regards to bringing all the data together from many people and as you can appreciate this does take time and is not as fast as we would like it to be, so please pass this on to as many people as you can.
    There day will come and in the not too distant future that this company and at least one or more of its associates will be held responsible for their actions and will have their date in court.

    This is just an introduction for now, so more will come soon...

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  • Kh
      Jan 21, 2012

    To whom it may concern, This is Khes Smedley, you see what is obviously apparent in these blogs, is that not one of you has the gaul to confront me with the truth, that everything is a complete fabrication which you write about me and my firm, neither do your postings have any foundation or truth, but more importantly you all have to remain anonymous. Guys, you not only disgust me, but you make me laugh., as you all have one thing in common, you hide behind a computer screen, but if the was a real problem surely you would come to see me personally, and divulge the facts upon the request of my legal advisors

    These postings have been made by the following people:

    1) Clients who have no intention to buy a property with our company, choose to abuse the privilege of the company housing them in a 5* hotel, our Company record all conversations between staff and clients, and subsequently when the client is then found out by the company and their clear intentions to free load, they feel their only way to hurt the firm or myself personally, is by blogging and writing damaging reports that can harm the business, very constructive may I add, as well as extremely mature.

    2) Agents in the industry, unfortunately in this industry, other agents feel the need to spend more time focussing on what I am doing, or my company, rather than dedicating this valuable time to their own operations, they can't seem to realise why I am successful, but more importantly still have the ability to sell property in a climate where they cannot sell anything. They would rather I suffer like them, and therefore try their best to damage my firms reputation, get a grip, do you honestly think that you are going to stop me being successful in any industry...? Please..

    3) ex associates, you see this is what makes me smile the most how these individuals who are considerable wealthy, again I don't need to embarrass people by stating names, but yet you know who you are, they feel the need to falsify information about me and my firm, In order to hurt me personally as well as financially, as they hate the fact that I am successful in a time and the same industry which my skills were born. However what this shows, is the weakness of these certain individuals, that they burn at the thought of my success. This shows a lot for their own character as individuals, one word "weak"

    In relation to point 3 this whole blog was started by an individual whom I was associated with in the same industry

    4) ex staff, I have nothing hide as a boss in my organisation, it is a sales industry in which I work in, and therefore in my firm, there is accountability for your results, something which certain individuals do not want to feel responsible for, therefore again feel the need to damage my company, by writing slanderous remarks, about myself and my firm. However what they seem to not write about is their complete lack of performance, and inadequacy in work ethic, as they want to put very little in and yet expect great pay. Well if you happen to work for me, if you don't perform and sell, you will not work for me, it is very simple.

    In short all of the above have one thing in common, they all hate to see me doing well, and are extremely weak as individuals, but readers, I can assure you of one thing, you will never stop my success, as I am a lot stronger than that, to give in to your weak fabrications/ lies, as well as profound jealousy towards my success. However if you were actually in front of me as individual I very much doubt you would speak so openly about your hatred towards me, but choose to do this behind a keyboard. Get a life, not only are you pathetic but extremely sad, to spend time trying to defame my character rather than focussing in your own your business. To all, I wish you all the best in your hate towards me

    Kind regards

    Khes Smedley

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  • Ka
      Feb 27, 2012

    Dear Mr. Smedley
    My name is Karen Iles, I do have the gaul and I would love nothing more than to speak with you. I have been trying to contact you for weeks but you are the one that doesn't seem to want to speak with me!
    Me and my husband are left in limbo after parting with a huge sum of money, no hope of obtaining our dream to own a property in the Algarve, paying for a furniture pack and air conditioning unit (with nowhere for it to go!!) and in debt with nothing to show for it.
    We put our faith in your company, trusted your advice and gave in readily to your high pressure sales.
    Please, please Mr. Smedley I'm begging you to contact me so that we can try and sort things out. You know who I am.

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  • St
      Feb 29, 2012

    I also have spoken with this company previously and was considering an 'inspection trip' with them however after doing some reasearch found some very close link to MRI Overseas Property. Mr Smedley used to work for this company as a manager of sorts also another man named Mr Gregson who I believe to be his right hand man at KBS. My personal oponion (which I am very entitiled to) is simply stay away and remember those names as they may well spring up under another company. I do not think Mr Khes Smedley has done himself any favours with the way he has written the above post coming across as 'the big man' who likes blowing smoke up himself. Lets see if he now has the 'gaul' to reply to the above poster, yet another to loose money to this lot.

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  • Le
      Mar 01, 2012

    hi the above poster is right - i knew a lad who worked for kbs a while back and the names to steer clear of in this industry are khes smedley, marc gregson and also recently julie gregson these are all deeply involved in kbs but i believe you have nothing to fear now anyway as kbs property/ realty seem to have closed down but if in the future you see any of the above names of people trading or working as another real estate my suggestion is run for the hills and aviod at all costs!

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  • Ka
      Mar 31, 2012

    To all out there who have fallen prey to KBS. If you want to see justice done, we need to speak out and band together. Why should we just let these people walk away with our hard earned cash. If all who have suffered at their hands group together, maybe we will be strong enough to fight them.

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  • Ka
      Apr 03, 2012

    For Khes Smedley, Thanks for your email of 2 April. Obviously I have the right to reply to your comments but as all previous contacts have shut down, this appears to be the only way I can contact you. I appreciate what you are saying, it's a shame that the communication between you and your staff seems to be lacking. As you have said in a previous blog, you wish to be contacted directly with any client issues an you can't deny that I have had to result to this site in order to get some response from yourself.
    Please Khes, you have all my contact details, lets just have a civilised telephone conversation.
    I await your reply.

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  • Gu
      May 04, 2012

    i met that useless white hhit when he robbed deposit money off me working for mrl in a project that didnt even have planning permission. i would invite him to reply and we can come face to face anywhere anytime

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  • Ic
      Jun 08, 2012

    I hope that all the innocent people abused by this company and their "lawyers" can contact each other May I suggest that the best way is to contact a TV program to bring this company to justice in the UK and or Europe

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  • Li
      Jan 30, 2013

    My name is Liz, and our Company, CPC Worldwide, is specialized in helping people that have been a victim of property fraud.
    It's our job to solve problems abroad and I think that there's a lot of people on here that we can help. Our company was formed out of being disgusted at the way some people have been treated in the past and how so many people feel lost in a minefield.
    I have realised I am not allowed to leave any email addresses or phone numbers, but you can easily find our UK company website or contact me privately for further details..

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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  • Th
      Feb 07, 2013

    All this information is very interesting. The illusive Khes Smedley may be able to be contacted via the postal address he used in Rochdale Manchester. Just google his Dad RB Smedley

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