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Katherine of Alexandria Ltd is a company specializing on the sphere of investing. Don’t trust them! My company invested money for film production and got nothing back. This company was opened recently and they are earning big money every day. I think they already scammed people by different name.

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  • Be
      Nov 17, 2012

    My name is BEN BEVAN, and set up my own fundraising business. I would like apologise for making comments about KATHERINE of ALEXANDRIA, accusing them of ripping investors off which is untrue. I did this following their decision NOT to enter into business with my company.

    It appears that I cannot remove my previous statement and so I have submitted this apology as a 2nd statement.

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  • Be
      Jan 08, 2013

    PLEASE NOTE that this comment and apology was NOT written by myself (Ben Bevan) and I am doing all I can to resolve and delete this false information as it is completely untrue. If you decide to look further into either comment it is not difficult to figure out that it has been a malicious act towards myself and would never state such horrific remarks about a company going about their business.

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  • Ji
      Mar 22, 2013

    This is not a scam. It is a genuine investment opportunity. See for more information.
    Remember though, investing in a movie is not a guarantee of any return; it is thought that 80% of films don't make a profit at the box office. It is up to the investor to decide whether they think this film is worth investing in.
    Furthermore, the complainant states they have had no return for their investment - that is because the film has not gone on general release yet! I think the complainant needs to check their facts before defaming a genuine organisation.
    Finally, this is more of an opportunity to back film/art projects, rather than just make money.

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  • Jo
      May 28, 2013

    Is this film ever going to be released?

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  • Jo
      Jul 04, 2013

    Hanwood Holdings are scammers.

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  • Ka
      Jun 15, 2015

    The complainant who mentions a SCAM by the film company has since put an apology directly below his complaint, stating that he could not take it down, and has also apologised directly to the company. So why is that complaint still there? The company declined an offer from the complainant hence his anger at being rejected, which he fully admits. Therefore, the complaint against this company should be removed.

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  • Ve
      Feb 27, 2016

    Do your homework people...then decide.

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