Katelyn Webb / she use my credit card without my permission

1 Malvern, AR, United States

On [protected] Katelyn Webb stole my card number n paid 225.90 dollars off my card for something on it site.I did not give her permission or give her my card she stole my card number. This card is a card used for SSI benefits for a man I'm the payee for I pay his bills an buy things he needs monthly what she did is wrong my card is a accoutnow gold visa off line and my card number is4612350377928008 exp. Dates is 01/18 and my CV number is 807 and the name on card is my name Randi Ellen Berger my account for my card is [protected] n my routing number is073972181 I need his 225.90 that's part of the benefits to pay rent n bills without it hell not have a home n electric it's not OK he goes without because Katelyn Webb stole his SSI benefit pH # is [protected] leave message if I'm unable to answer email is [protected] needing to speak to someone whom can help asap thank u for our time.sincerly Randi Ellen Berger [protected] I can see her transaction off my card online if needing thx

Jun 27, 2017

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