Karma Tshering / Karma Tshering lets Employee into Miss Bhutan 2010

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Karma Tshering who claims to be a professional man has hired his own employee into the Miss Bhutan 2010 beauty pageant.

Tenzin Norden is one of the contestants in Miss Bhutan 2010 and has been given maximum footage in BBS TV coverage so far.

Trainers called in from Mumbai discovered certain other connections that this cheap man has with these innocent girls.

Karma Tshering has not only broken the laws of beauty pageants by letting in his own employees to be part of this Miss Bhutan pageant scam but he has also fixed the winners for this pageant.

Sonam Retty is said to leading in the race for the title of Miss Bhutan 2010. This after the number of SMS votes sent in were just a few hundred. But, organiser Karma Tshering and Pema Choden claim that over 24, 000 SMS votes were received in the first week itself.

On being contacted about this, both Karma Tshering and Pema Choden were mum.

Tenzin Norden denies doing anything wrong and says she was allowed to be part of this pageant despite her being part of the MPC marketing team till 2010.

It is indeed a shame how a cheap man like Karma Tshering is misusing his powers to use these girls. The remaining contestants still hope there is no foul play going on but sadly the foul play has been going on from the last pageant in 2008 itself.

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  • Lm
      Sep 28, 2010

    yap yap n dis goes out to da next miss bhutan contestants if u wanna win u got to do sum investment in da sms voting caz at last u get more dan ur investment... miss bhutan also known as black marketing

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  • Ts
      Oct 04, 2010

    the indian trainer is an award winning trainer who appears in the media every 2 weeks or so.

    he is a certified psychotherapist and counselor.

    he has trained the Miss India winner of 2010 as well.

    he has over 80 press clippings in top newspapers such as DNA, Times of India, Hindustan Times and more.

    how dare does a cheap man like karma tshering and a cheap woman like sonam choden retty insult him.

    we challenge you to come to India you lousy suckers and then we will show you what happens when you insult a top Indian trainer.

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