Karla Zambrano / THE WORST DENTIST EVER !!!!!!!!!

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Karla Zambrano DDS ( dentist Algodones, Mexico) RUN FROM THIS BUTCHER WANNABE DENTIST!
She ruined my crowns, they didn't fit, they were mis-shapened and she said well I can now put veneers on top.
After spending $4, 500.00 she wanted to fix them with veneers, run from this FREAK!
She should not be in business, maybe she can adequately do fillings but for full mouth restoration try find a professional.
Her marketing is slick and she has an interpreteur, she speaks Spanglish at best and knows a few key words like,
I'll give you a shot, open, open, open, give me your money, you need root canals, anything pertaining to taking your cash she can say. People this is a back yard dentist, she has all new furniture she bought with my money I stupidly paid her.
I didn't know there is recourse with filing a complaint at the border on shoddy dentists, she has 10 years experience(good One)
all the people in her office were returning for REDONE work she messed up.KARLA ZAMBRANO talks through the whole dental procedure about her weekend and laughs at you crying in the chair, she is a sadist and loves torturing people, it makes her smile to inflict pain in people. UNPROFESSIONAL TORTURIST she is all of that!!!

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  • We
      Nov 17, 2012

    This is not true is just like other pepole they think the got bad work done and they dont is just regarless of adjustments and she always gives warenty to all pacients and she never made fun of me or laughed about me or ever made any bad comments about any one or me iam a very happy pacient im here in her office get numrues of dental work and dont think shes a bad person at all and her translater dose not speak spanglish she speak 100% english and a great person i under stude her very very will and i highly recomend her. she the best here in los algodones.

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  • Ka
      Dec 28, 2012

    Karla this is you once again being deveptive like you are.
    You are a cracker Jack dentist with a 2 week course of study. Hang up your drill and try another career.
    This just isnt for you.

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  • Da
      Apr 19, 2016

    Karla Zambrano is not trained, she has no empathy and drills holes that should not be drilled.Repaired the perfect tooth and left the decayed tooth.She has no, BRAIN, very low IQ.
    Good idea run as fast as you can.Her office is dirty and risky for your health.
    She should be shut down!
    Fraud wannabe dentist.

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  • Da
      Apr 19, 2016

    Worst dentist ever is absolutely correct!

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