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In 2007 I purchased this product which enables file sharing of Karaoke music. The product works just fine and they offer 90 days free support.

In December 2008 my account became inactive, when I read through the download instructions it states that accounts will become inactive if not used in 21 days. I tried to log on, but keep getting kicked off. When I email [protected] I got no response. I was unable to log onto support because my account was inactive. There is no phone # or address as an alternate way of contacting them. I decided to buy another version and used the same account information. Immediately it came back as inactive. This time I emailed Bob Smith and threatened to report the website as fraudelent. He immediately refunded my money and told me not to "harrass" him any longer.

I sent him a follow-up email stating that I had emailed him three previous times about my problem, but there was no response until I threatened him. I still paid the first time for the service and it no longer works. I would rather have a working account than a refund, but no one will respond to me.

I have my own e-commerce websites and part of the rules for using Visa/MC payment systems I am required to post an address and phone # on the site. has neither, so if Bob Smith (if that is his real name) decides not to respond, I have no recourse.

I have kept a copy of the emails I have sent him seeking assistance, as well as his curt refund response. I don't know what else to do. I believe this is a case of a good product, but sub par customer service. Can you help?


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  • Ju
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    I had an issue with connecting to the server, emailed them, and this was their response...

    "You must be high. Your 90 DAYS of support ran out over a year ago. Fix the mess yourself this time."

    I told the person, thanks a simple "Your 90 DAYS of support ran out over a year ago" would have been fine. I also said, "Thanks for being a douche bag when i only asked a simple question"

    Then i became inactive within 30 min

    I buy SCDG's but like to get random songs at times as well. Their program worked, but that response is rediculous (cant spell that word). Now i dont know what to do to get the random songs. Ill pay 99 cents each if i have to

    worst thing is i knew they were dicks just by reading some of the forums and how they respond to peoples questions. some are nice, but others reply wtih like, you should learn how to read the guide. This forum is cut off becuase you dont "get it"

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  • Ma
      26th of Jan, 2010

    I used the information given when I purchased KaraokeInfo and got into the sharing community just fine. I was a bit confused on the @Find and @Search thing so I found the alternative to get help with @help next to the support persons name. That person was blunt and quite unfriendly. When I first started on the steps to sign in to the site I admit I made a mistake. Since I don't have a bank account or credit card info I used my mothers husbands pay pal account to get the karaoke info. I had signed in to KI website with my own name and web address prior to having paid membership. I inadvertently used my name and address instead of my step fathers info that he used to get me my karaoke info. Anyway I tried to get logged in and could not. I figured out what was wrong but got through the first step when I had to leave the computer . I came back later to see people waiting on me. I had no idea anyone was available through the startup process. I apologized.

    Anyway when I first tried to get help the person notified me I would banned permanently if I kept this up. I am not a fast typer especially when someone threatens to ban me. So because of my mistake earlier, shortly after logging in I almost got banned before I could get started.

    Not much later many of the people I was trying to get songs from would not work. Their files would stall at 0% or at some point say they timed out. Well I read about that in the support forum and used the info to type /kisupport once I was logged on. A new window would appear with four or five names plus mine but nobody was available to help me with my problem. I was ready to give them the info I had on my part but each time I entered /kisupport nobody would help me. So at some point I had even more trouble than just people not connecting to download from. It would say unable to unzip files/song results or whatever. So I started using @Search when it would work and @Find for the stuff that would not work on @Search. I once again entered /kisupport but this time I clicked on the name of one of the support members and clicked the @help option. Thus the support member right off the bat tells me that what I am doing makes me look bad. He then says have a nice day. He never asked what I wanted. I sort of reacted in a smart ### way but that was my reaction to the sheer disregard and disrespect this person showed me. At least that is how I perceived it. I was ready to give him the needed information to fix my problem but was so flustered at this point that I neglected to give him the information. He told me to come back with the proper information. I decided that later I would.

    Later that evening I left and logged back onto kisupport and still had issues getting my @search to work. Now not only did I have issues with @search but @find would not even come up let alone give a message of failure. I went back into support and saw that someone else was discussing a problem with the support people. After they were done I asked why @find was not working for me. Next thing I know I am getting banned from the channel for using @find. I used @find and @search where applicable for two days and had no issues. Now all of a sudden I am told I am in violation of the rules and am being banned. How the hell can they not at least give a newbie some kind of information? I never changed channels so why the hell does @find no longer work? I handled the situation poorly I will admit and for that I am sorry but when I first typed in a response and asked some questions the person who banned me would not answer me. I called him a coward because he would not face me. I was wrong but this person could have done more than ban a person who was truly confused and did not understand anything that was happening. Rather than seeing why I was using @find where it was banned I was outright banned. It would have been nice as a new member to get a warning and some help with my problem. After all I was in the HELP section saying @find would not work. I was also hoping to give information that would help my @search situation. Being greeted with comments like that makes you looks stupid and getting banned for my inexperience just seems wrong somewhere. Maybe I was out of line but I don't think I started off that way. I simply was looking for some help.

    I know they have a site with plenty of information but sometimes some people don't comprehend said information or there is new problems or issues to be resolved. Yes I know staff gets tired of answering the same stuff over and over but they volunteered to help so the least they can do is take the time to show some courtesy. I am not going to throw these people under the bus. I imagine they deal with some people that frustrate them but all I ask is that they give everyone common courtesy. At least to start out. It should not be an inconvenience to help somebody if that is what you agreed to do.

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