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Absolutely horrendous customer service! I'm so angry with this website owner, it's unreal.

Let's go back to the beginning, shall we? In January I decided to look online for some fun t-shirts for two birthdays that were coming up, I found Kapoww and thought, brilliant! They have so many fun designs and the postage time is only 3-5 working days within the UK. This gave me enough time (with leeway, we all know how unreliable postage times can be!) to get these purchased and delivered in time for the birthdays. So a week passes and I let it drop, I'm not going to raise hell over a couple of days, so I wait patiently and give it another week before I email the site and ask if something has happened with my order.

They did not reply, didn't reply the second time either and then the third, when I threatened to file a report on PayPal, I finally got a response telling me that 1. They didn't get any other emails and 2. They were on holiday and couldn't help me. Apparently the whole sites staff went on holiday at once, unless it's run by one person. I was patient and said okay, I'll wait until the following weekend when you're back home and look forward to hearing from you. Of course, that time came and went and they didn't bother to contact me, left it to me to contact them again.

By this time I'm huffing with frustration, but I keep calm and email them asking how it's going with my order. I'm told that they assume my order was lost in the post (best excuse in the books!) and that they would issue a replacement right away. I'm thinking, whew, finally! I might actually get the shirts in time for the birthdays. I'm even thanking the site for being nice enough to replace my lost items.

I wait and I wait, and apparently this time my shirts are being delivered recorded so they can't get lost. Nothing happens, I receive nothing and so another week later I email back and request a tracking number, I'm trying my best not to stamp my feet and accuse this site and it's bad service by this time. I receive no response, I email back just in case for some reason the Internet decided to eat my email on its journey to Kapoww's inbox, but still nothing.

A few days later I decide that the reason they are ignoring me is because they have no intention of replacing my items and can't reply with a tracking number because there simply isn't one. I email back and ask them kindly if I can just have a refund, I'm tired of all of the drama and waiting and I just want to have my money back so I can buy something else for the now passed birthdays. Of course I'd already gone out and bought new gifts, so I'm out of pocket and annoyed further more with the site.

Of course again, I hear nothing, I doubt I'll hear anything from them again. They've decided my money is theirs and they're not going to give me the products I paid for. I'm very, very unsatisfied with the site and their ridiculously bad level of customer service skills, I do not recommend buying from or dealing with the clown behind it.

Twenty pounds may be nothing to some, but to be honest I'd have written this review in response to five pounds being taken from me. I am not going to sit back and let this happen, and I want to send out a fair warning to anyone else who might be interested in buying from Kapoww.

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  • Lu
      22nd of May, 2013


    I have experienced a similar problem, however, they were not on holiday they had an accident which involved him almost losing his life.

    I may sound really unsympathetic but I too only received a response to repeated emails after I informed Pay Pal so I am slightly dubious about his explanation

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