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Kanti Sweets - Bangalore / Kanti Sweets

1 India

Now that the goovernment things that this factory is closed then how come there are tempo's and vehicles and ricks and all sort of vehicles wit cylinders still moving in and out. Who is exactly come here and chekced that these people have vacated or not. I really dont think they have vacated instead i can se they have brought their family members are staying here itself. They have been preparing all kinds of things inside the closed doors and nearly still20 to 30 people are staying here and still parking the vehicles on the road and blocking the trafic. I can understand people parking their vehicles in fron tof thier houses but these people don't belong here and they park the vecles all night and day. And still people come in the night screaming and shouting and cylider noises and vehicles moving. i dont see any changes other and few machines and people moving off from here and the rest is still going on. I still dont think the concerned people are taking any action on this, or else they are not worried at all of the government official as they say they can buy anyone at anytime, so that seems to be right now as even after giving so many complaints and sending so many mails they jst keep ruling and doing what they want. Atleast someone can mail me the address of the right person whome i can write directly to who will take this complaint and really help the people of our area from goin g through this havoc situatio nwhich we are facing since so many years.If these simple things are not taken into consideration what else can be done, you wouldnt even know if these peole might be militants or robbers or anything cause every month you see new faces and people shouting and doing what they want here. Could someone come and have a look at the palce and check what exactly are these people are upto behind those locked doors. Expecting some action on this as i belive you people had made changes and you will help us to completly stop this factory and move all the people and vehicles from this area itself.


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