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Kanata Ford / Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

1 Kanata, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I purchased a 2005 Ford Escape from Kanata Ford not even two weeks ago. They have had the car for repairs 5 days already. It gets returned to me (after I go pick it up from them of course) and still doesn't work. I have had two tows and missed countless work hours, sat at the side of roads and generally been frustrated.

The service team works on their own hours and schedule. They never offer to bring anything to you so I spend my lunch hours running around picking up cars. When I bought the car, the sales guy lost the second set of keys. I had to call and remind him to find them the next week, and you guessed it - I had to go and pick them up.

I wouldn't recommend Ford, and especially Kanata Ford to anyone. If I could trade the car back in to get away from them I would.

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  • Ka
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    I agree, with my old car they replaced the alternator twice and neither time worked, when I returned the lease the alternator had almost died for a third time. I bought a new car from them and they raised the price of the car on me on pickup day! luckily I noticed, gaved them crap and they compensated me the difference in service. Im at 13, 000 on the brand new car and they cant figure out why the coolant is disappearing, also got my snow tires put on the other day and they did a crap job, my steering wheel now shakes! I dont have time to keep going back to them until they do the job right so im going to drive all winter with a shaky wheel.

    So why do I go

    They have the nicest waiting room, free computers with wifi, big screens! usually give me a rental for free and the younger kid there is great to deal with. Always talk to him! Theres another dude there with glasses around 6ft short hair who is pretty stuck up... avoid him at all costs.

  • Tr
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Hi I also agree, I bought a brand new Ford Escape Aug 24, 2009, from Kanata Ford, a 2009 Ford Escape with next to no miles on it (like 60KM or something -- test miles). After just over two months of owning it, the car would not start. I boosted it, and a day later same thing. I took it in. Service dept replaced the battery. The same thing happened three weeks later, again a boost from a neighbour, service could find nothing wrong with it. I took it back. 1 week later same thing. I brought it in again but had it towed in. They acknowledged the dead battery, so clearly something is killing it. They have had the car for close to two weeks now, but still they cannot find the source of the problem. Service has now alerted me they cannot find any problem, and, this is a brand new vehcile. I am asking for a new vehicle, as this one was defective from the get go. I will report back with the outcome of that request. I do not believe I should be in a service loop like this with a brand new vehicle and, I want this dealership to replace the vehicle as I have had it not start on me 4 times in the 4 months I've owned it, with the car being in the dealership for over 3 weeks total now. This is not acceptable for a brand new vehicle that I have paid good money for, nor do I believe this is a service issue. I approached the sales department after the second visit, and I do not believe I have been looked after or taken care of. I hope I hear a different answer when I go in tomorrow to meet with the service manager and the sales manager. I want this dealership to stand behind it's new vehicle purchases and purchasers, it is not right that I be left with a serious unresolved issue like this, one that could jeopardize lives not to mention the lost work hours, frustration, and inconvenience.

  • Ji
      20th of Nov, 2011
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    I'm glad to see there have been no more "issues" since 2009. This isn't a coincidence, a new Service Manager Jamie Bolton, started in 2009 and has made a huge difference. The Technicians are more accountable to the Customers, "can't find the problem" is not acceptable to the Customer, nor should it be for the Technician! Service Advisor's whom are anything less than helpful, friendly and engaging, just won't be tolerated.
    Bottom line, if we don't deliver an Excellent Experience, we will make it right.
    Jim Hoddinott
    Kanata Ford

  • Ti
      6th of Dec, 2011
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    I'm afraid nothing has changed.

    I've recently dropped off my 05 Focus ZX3 for servicing breaks/pads/leak on the driver’s side floor/exhaust etc.
    The total bill came up to 1, 465.32 only to find that a few days later my driver side floor board is soaked yet again.
    It's extremely frustrating paying that amount only to return the car a few days later to have it serviced again.
    I was charged > 1 1/2 of labor for that specific leak. I've very curious to know what was done during this time?! obviously nothing was fixed.

    Very frustrating, waste of time and huge inconvenience returning to get the same item fixed.

    I also won’t recommend Kanata Ford to anyone either

  • Ji
      6th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Owner of Focus ZX3
    I'm Jim Hoddinott the Owner of Kanata Ford.
    Please contact Jamie Bolton, Service Manager, tomorrow.
    We will repair the water leak at NO CHARGE. Plus the original charge to repair that leak will be refunded 100% for the inconvenience.
    We have 30 FREE Service Loaner Cars, ( we don't even charge you for the gas you use) we will have one available for you ofcourse.
    Sorry for your inconvenience.
    Jim Hoddinott

  • Cr
      12th of Jun, 2013
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    I just took my car to Kanata Ford because of cluncking noise in the front end and pulsing and vibration when the brakes are applied, an oil change and the car desperately needed a tune up. I specifically requested my front rotors and pads be replaced as I already knew my rotors were warped hence the pulsing and vibration. I spent almost $2000 and they didnt even replace the front brakes as requested. instead they advise me my hubs need servicing and end up replacing my back rotors and pads. which i specifically advised from the start I did not want these replaced. if this was't bad enough it was indicated on the inspection report the back brakes showed normal wear and passed the inspection. so why would they replace them? the fromt driver side brake pad is 3/4 worn and the passenger side pad has normal wear. further indication there is an issue with the calipers/front brakes, but yet the front brakes passed inspection. If this wasnt bad enough the oil filter wasn't even screwed all the way in and had to be tightened and they didn't even completely refill with oil and the dipstick shows the oil is at add level. I should have learn from my last bad experience with Kanata Ford and taken my business elsewhere. I hate to think being a women makes me an easy target. extremely frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

  • Jo
      5th of Oct, 2013
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    Ford f150 lx 4x4

    I bought a 2013 ford f150 from kanata ford and I have had nothing but problems since day one. Absolutely the worst service I have ever had before in my life. I bought the truck early September with new wrangler tires and a leer cap. The day I purchased the truck and signed the papers the salesman called me about two hours after i left the dealership and said someone there didn't put the cap in with my financing. He gave me the option pay more money or not to take one of the accessories that was agreed upon and signed off on. I decided to just go with the cap. When I picked up the truck there was no cap and I was told it would be an additional two weeks. I was rushed through my pick up. When I bought the truck it had 24 kms on it when I picked it up there was 109 kms? There was no accessories add and no one at the dealer can account for the additional mileage. Driving the truck home I could notice a vibration while driving and breaking. I called the salesman the next day and expressed the fact that the truck wasn't driving properly. He told me to call service so I did. It took almost a week to get an appointment I wanted them to check the tires and vibration. I waited two hours for them to look at the truck when they did I was told there wasn't as vibration and what I consider a vibration ford might not. He then told me he was going to get the service manager to call me the next day and I could set up to go on a road test with him. He called me the next day and told me to come in so I did. He didn't want to go for road test when i got there so he sent a tech out with me. I showed the tech the issues he noticed the vibration and recommended a road force balance. So they did the balance on the tires 4 hours later my truck was ready. I took the truck from a good drive after to see if the issues had been fixed. They were not I called back the dealership to be told everyone was busy and couldn't take my call. I left a message and was told I would be called back. After waiting 3 hours for a call I decided to call back I finally got through to someone and was told it was to late in the day to do anything and that the service manager would call me tomorrow. He did and was very rude with me on the phone. He told me there was nothing wrong with the truck and my expectations were to high. I told him it was still vibration while driving and breaking still and a new truck shouldn't do that. He then called my truck low end and it drove well for a low end truck. He told me the information that I had giving was not good enough and that the techs only look at what's on that paper nothing else. He then continued to belittle me on the phone and asking me ridiculous questions with no relevance to the situation. I am now almost a month in with this truck still no cap and I still have a vibration while driving. This is my first new truck I owned ford in the past and after this experience I will never buy a ford again or will my friends and family. The employees are extremely rude and make customers feel helpless. All kanata ford worries about is volume and sales. My truck has less then 3000 kms on it now and I can't get any issues fixed. I am very unhappy and very dissatisfied with the truck I purchased from them.

  • Sl
      26th of Nov, 2013
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    I had my escape in for brake job and I was told my vehicle was ready, I paid my bill and went to my vehicle where I found 2 male employees engaging in intercourse in the back of the escape. One said "thanks for the F-Shack" and they both ran away. What does F-Shack mean? I am disgusted!

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