Kamunu Wholesalers / Businessmen or gangsters ?

1 Namibia

Kamunu wholesalers in katima mulilo owned and managed by suhail and shiraz bhamjee, a father and son combo who can only be described as disgusting.
Are these jokers really businessmen ?
From my experiences i can write on the city hall walls
[if granted permission ] about the disgraceful and disgusting conduct of these businessmen.
They appointed a hitman to threaten me and expected to scare me.
Since i am not allowed to go graffiti on all the city halls walls countrywide
About how these ###s behaved in unethical and illegal activities and i am allowed to say it here;[thank you] i can confirm that ;
These jokers from kamunu wholesalers need to be exposed.
Gangsters, hitmen, fraud and theft must be left for the blokes at hollywood.
These jokers think they are the main characters in a mafia move.
But they have failed to scare me and have convinced me that they are merely cartoon characters. Since the powers that be appear to be manipulated and cannot assist,
[corruption, bribery etc] i say it loud out here;
I hereby invite these ###s hitman to attempt the death threats made and i also call upon shiraz and suhail from kamunu to witness same,
There you have it blokes at kamunu.
Lets see what you can really do !!!
My life is not in kamunu's hands and control.
It is purely in god almighty's.
So do not think that because kamunu has money and can involve themselves in bribery and corruption, that we must fear them.
Fear god almighty.
And use the platforms available to expose all unfair business practices and unethical business tactics that the wannabe gangster style businessmen use to instill fear and expect the complainant to go into hiding.

Mar 13, 2014

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