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Kalcon construction / Remodel job

1 Benbrook, TX, United States Review updated:

Kalcon construction (Ray) was hired to complete a remodel after vandals broke into my home. He said the damage could be fixed very easily and that it would only take 30 days. Made verbal promises to have my house "perfect" and move in ready. We had the home on the market! I paid him half when he gave me a written contract. 114 days later he was still no where near done. I sent him a termination letter. He called and acted surprised. He promised to be complete by that weekend and my husband gave him a second chance.( 2 weeks). He promised to be done with the job. On the 16th of May, I went to the house with my realtor to show her the completed house. Ray demanded his money on the spot even though the AC had still not been installed. I told him that the banks were closed and he would have to wait until Monday. He started verbally attacking me. Blaming me for the job not being complete. Stating that I was responsible for providing the paint and I didn't, I was responsible for taping the house and protecting the floors. I informed him that it was not in the contract nor verbally implied at any time. Then he blames the fact that the power and water were turned off. Even though he told me that if the utilities had been turned on that my house would have caught on fire and flooded. He proceeds to text my husband at this point demanding his money. That evening he informs my husband that the job is complete. My husband and I visited the home the next morning. The house was trashed. The only thing that was done correctly was the front door. Just to name a few things, the water heater was installed without a drain pan, no dryer vent was left in the laundry room, the AC was not installed correctly, the paint job could have been done by my 10 year old. Paint, and plaster were all over the floors. The floors were filthy. Someone had done their business in the toilet which couldn't be flushed so the house smelled. Light fixtures were left in a pile of trash, broken, no outlet plates were put back... The list goes on. In total, 72 items were either not completed or done wrong. We informed Ray that we would not accept this work. He continued to demand his money. Started to threaten and try to intimate us by letting us know that he knew where we worked and where we lived. He threatened a lien, then we tell him that we found out he didn't pull any permits. He offers to cut what we owe him by 2k for the bad paint job. But he has caused more damage to our house than was originally there. We hired a home inspector today and nothing passed. He won't let us leave the utility's on if we are not there because he is afraid of what will happen. Mean while Ray continues to demand through scare tactics to get us to pay the rest of what he thinks we owe him.

Kalcon construction

May 20, 2015
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  • Ca
      24th of Jun, 2015
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    I hired Kalcon (and Ray) after reading this ONE complaint on the notion that you can't please all of the people all of the time. I called about 10 references and no one else had anything bad to say. When questioned about this specific complaint I was shown the texts, contracts and photos from said job above and I can see why Kalcon had problems with these people. Pay your bills and you wouldn't have to try to belittle a great company with polite and honest employees. I wouldn't doubt that your home was initially "vandalized" by you in an insurance scam or by the last contractor that you ripped off that originally worked on your home. Sorry for the rant but I have come to care about these great guys that have gone above and beyond for me in every way. I can't say a bad word about them except that my remodel has my allergies going nuts with all the dust kicking up! I'm am so happy with my kitchen and bathroom remodel and I can't wait until I can get Kalcon to build my pool next summer!

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