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My search for an English Springier Spaniel brought me to JW Meadows AKC Springier Spaniels web site. Everything went well, with one exception. The puppy has a herniated belly button. That is my issue. I am a new dog owner, never owned one before. I learn that herniated belly buttons are genetic from the Vet today. While I don't want to make this sound like this spoils the deal, it doesn't, but will discuss my other thoughts later. Whether or not I had intentions on breeding the dog or not, JW Meadows AKC, should have known that dogs with herniated belly buttons should not be bred, but they did it anyway. Heck of a way to make eight hundred bucks. So I call Wayne and ask him about it. "Yeah", he says "it's in the contract that you would neuter him anyways, as we would have never given full registration" I thought, Oh. Of course, you can't, because the dog can't be bred. So if you think you're going to breed, make sure you know the background of the parents, and that it is not in the contract. So, yes, if I had read the contract, I would have been aware of the promise to neuter. But my point still remains that the breeders knew of the ethical error. They deceived me. I could have otherwise bred him for non-AKC dogs. After all, all that people really want is a decent dog. I hope JW Meadows AKC can sleep at night knowing that they are deceitful people. I have learned that four out of the eight pups have this. And this was not caused by the mother licking them, as the breeder said. Shame on you Wayne.

Oct 02, 2014
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  • Jw
      Aug 23, 2016

    We used an outside male for this breeding and did have a couple puppies with a herniated blly button. We contacted each new puppy parent to advise them. We also paid for the hernia repairs. We test our breeding dogs according to OFA and ESSFTS guidelines. We thought we had found a suitable male to breed with our girl but found out after the puppies were born that was not the case. We now use our boy for breeding. We only offer limited registration to prevent our puppies from going to puppy Millsap have them go to homes where they can be loved and treated as part of the family.

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  • Sa
      Oct 08, 2018

    What about the bad hips Wayne? I bought a puppy from you folks February 10, 2018, a male I named Bob. Bob recently had to have his belly x-ray'd, showed he was eating a bunch of grass. Of more concern to my vet were the condition of Bob's hips, showed he's on his way to dysplasia with some arthritis already forming at the joint. You should show the OFA grade of your dogs hips on the site have on the web. A belly button isn't a big deal Wayne, but bad hips sure are. I'd give you folks "zero" stars, thanks for a beautiful dog that will be nothing but problems down the line. RAY

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