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Justin Tranz / Fraud

1 AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

I am a victim of real estate fraud by James Parker, a.k.a Justin Tranz.
Mr. Tranz was a comedy hypnosis entertainer in Las Vegas, now performing in New York.
There are other individuals involved in this matter that are either additional victims, or are participating in the fraud. Those individuals are Fausto Hernandez and Ed Rostamian.
Justin & I met, through an internet dating site, in 2001. Our friendship continued until 2004, when this situation began.
In the beginning I would make frequent trips to Las Vegas, in which he paid for the flights to visit him, and stay in his “million dollar mansion on the hill”, complete with movie theater, elevator and fancy cars. He even had me bring my children with me on one occasion. One trip included flying to Los Angeles for a visit while he was taping for the Playboy Channels “Extreme Truth”. He also made several trips to visit me & stayed in my home in Arizona.
In July 2004 he came to visit me. In a casual conversation he asked me questions regarding the home I own, which is EXTREMELY modest, an 800 square foot condo. He asked me about the equity I had accumulated thus far, which at that time was about $50, 000. He said he wanted to help me & didn’t want to see me struggling financially, as I was. He asked me to consider a proposal that I invest in his company by using the equity in my home. He told me I would receive a monthly return on my investment & that he would also pay my existing mortgage, which at that time was $350.00 a month. This offer would be in exchange for me making an investment in him & his company, “The Rekrap Group, LLC”.
I told him I wasn’t interested, but he asked that I consider & think about it, and if I accepted it, to get back to him. He also said if there was anything he could ever do to help me, he was just a phone call away. He had previously helped me with small amounts to cover electric bills & water bills, all of which were paid back.
In September of 2004 my car was in need of serious repairs. The passenger side front hub needed to be replaced. The repairing mechanic told me that if I continued driving it without having it repaired I ran the risk of having a serious rollover accident.
When I purchased my vehicle I had also purchased an extended warranty. The warranty included a rental vehicle in the event that covered mechanical repairs were needed. I thought that the warranty was still in effect at the time I took my car in to be repaired. I informed the dealership that I had an extended warranty when I left my car with them on September 30, 2004. They confirmed that I had purchased the extended warranty & that the repairs needed were included in the coverage plan. They also took me to Enterprise Car Rental to get a vehicle.
After the repairs had been completed on my car, October 1st, the service department contacted me & informed me that the warranty had expired. I asked the service department what the repair costs were, including the rental car charges. I was told the repair charges were $597.77 & rental charges were $47.86, for a total of $645.63, not including taxes.
On Friday, October 1st, I attempted to borrow money for the fees from various personal resources, and applied for a personal loan at my financial institution, all to no avail.
I then called Justin Tranz to ask for a personal loan. He asked me if I had considered his previous proposal of investing in his company. I told him I hadn’t; it was something I didn’t want to do.
He told me he would send me information on making the investment to look over while he worked on getting me the loan amount that I was asking for. Whatever I decided, he would give me a loan for the repairs & rental car.
The next day, Saturday October 2nd, I received a FedEx express package that contained a “Deed of Trust”, listing myself as the borrower & my property in exchange for the amount of $25, 000, with another person, Fausto Hernandez, named as the lender.
When I called Justin Tranz to question this document, I asked him who was receiving $25, 000, and who was Fausto Hernandez. I told him I was concerned about this being a Deed of Trust, as this is usually something filed with the county recorders office against a property owner.
He explained that the $25, 000 was going to be sent to me & that I would pay for the repairs done to my vehicle & the use of the rental car. The remaining amount I would send to him, and this was the “investment” into his company. This was going to be in addition to him paying my monthly mortgage of $350 a month.
He stated that the person named in the Deed of Trust, “Fausto Hernandez” was not a real person. I continued to question this & he said that the $25, 000 was actually his money, and this was just a way to move his own money without raising concern from his other investors. He told me a Deed of Trust was not going to be filed against my property – that this was all just on paper.
Because I was questioning these issues, I began receiving calls from “Ed Rostamian”. Mr. Rostamian stated he was the investment broker for Justin.
Mr. Rostamian repeated several times what Justin had told me: that “Fausto Hernandez” was not a real person, and that this transaction was only a way to move funds that already belonged to Justin Tranz without raising concerns from existing investors and that nothing was going to be filed against my property.
The document stated that I would make monthly payments, in the amount of $166.67 per month, to the lender Fausto Hernandez. Payments were to begin on September 1, 2004, with interest, and would continue until February 1, 2005, at which time the remaining balance would be paid in full. This was confusing in itself because by this time it was already October 3rd, and these papers stated that interest would begin accumulating on August 1st & the first payment was due on September 1st, both of which had already passed. I think these dates were used to “validate” Justin’s claim that this was all just on paper to appease his current investors.
When I questioned Justin about these dates he again told me that Fausto Hernandez was not a real person & there would be no payments to make unless he paid himself, because it was his money to begin with. Regarding the payment of my monthly mortgage, his EXACT words to me were: “That’s less than $12 a day. That’s nothing to me. I can do that for you.”
He told me to just sign the papers & send them back using the self addressed pre paid FedEx envelope that had been included when I received the package.
I continued to decline signing the papers & by this time my car had long been finished with the repairs. Each time I called Justin to ask about the loan for my car & rental his response was always the same – “Did you sign the papers yet?”
In several of my conversations with Justin regarding the loan request Justin stated that he was working on getting the money to me, but that it was embarrassing for him to request such a small amount from his accountants.
After several days of refusing to sign the Deed of Trust documents & calling Justin daily about the loan I asked for, he told me, almost laughing, that if I had signed the papers & sent them back I would’ve had my car by now and everything would’ve been paid for already. By this time, between repairs & the rental car, the cost had nearly doubled & reached almost $1100.
Because I had no other financial resources, I felt as though I had no choice except to sign the Deed that had been sent to me in order to pay for the expenses of repairs & rentals, so that I could get my car back. I signed the Deed of Trust and mailed it back.
A few days after I mailed the envelope, I still had not received the loan to pay for the expenses. I was still driving the rental car to get to & from work. I called Justin on Friday October 8th, very upset & crying, telling him to forget it & that I was going to turn in the rental car the next morning. I would take the 3 hour bus ride to & from work, and that I would figure out another way to pay for it all later. Justin begged me not to do that & said that it would take a little time to get the money to me.
The next morning, Saturday October 11th, I received a call from Justin telling me to pick up $1100 via Western Union, which I did. When I asked why it was $1100 & not $25, 000, he said he was sending me what I needed immediately and the rest would be coming in a few days.
I never received the remaining amount.
Over the next several months I asked Justin about the remaining amount & his agreement to pay my monthly mortgage, which had not happened. He continuously made excuses as to why these things hadn’t happened yet, but that it was forthcoming, which at this point I didn’t believe.
Early in 2005 I began receiving junk mail at my home address with regards to refinancing my home, which I always threw away. In July 2005 I noticed in fine print at the bottom of one of these letters it said “All information obtained through public records”. Based on this statement I began researching my property on the internet & discovered that a Deed of Trust had indeed been filed on November 23rd, 2004, by “Fausto Hernandez”.
I immediately tried to contact Justin, but my calls & messages went unanswered. The company that “Fausto” used to file the Deed was “Foothills Conveyance Corporation”, so I called them. When I explained my reason for calling, the gentleman I spoke with asked me if the name “The Document Center” appeared anywhere in the filing. When I verified that it did, he told me to call that business & speak with “Doreen”. He also gave me the phone number.
When I spoke with Doreen she confirmed that she was aware of the papers that were filed. Additionally, she knew Justin, Fausto & Ed Rostamian. She also gave me a phone number for Ed.
Again, I tried contacting Justin, but yet again my messages went unanswered. When I got home from work that evening I tried again to call Justin, with the same results. I then called Ed Rostamian, who answered the phone.
I identified myself & told him why I was calling, which was in regard to the Deed of Trust being filed on my property, when this was not the agreement. Ed gave me the impression that he didn’t know who I was or why I was calling him. He also explained that he was on his cell phone, so that if our call was lost I should call back. Amazingly, our call was “lost” & I tried calling back for 20 minutes, with no answer.
Shortly after that I received a very angry call from Justin. He felt that I didn’t have any right to call Ed & told me since I had, I could resolve the situation on my own, without his involvement or his help. He also made a statement that I received as a veiled threat. He said that I awoke a sleeping giant and since he wasn’t going to help me that I wouldn’t like the way these people handle their business when it involves money.
I was so frightened that evening that my children & I went to my brother’s house to spend the night.
Since that time I have repeatedly tried to resolve this with Justin, so I don’t have the financial recourses to hire an attorney.
He has given me the following excuses, to name a few:
• His dad passed away & he had to return to Philadelphia
• That it has been handled, but that as a result of hurricanes in Florida (2005-06), no mail was coming out of there
• That he’s out of town on business & he’ll handle it when he returns
• That he’s signing over the debt to be filed against one of his other properties & releasing the debt from my property
In early December 2005, I received a hand written letter, dated November 28th, 2005, from Fausto Hernandez, in which he stated he could no longer wait for his money & that he was beginning foreclosure proceedings. I also received another letter, type written, dated December 6th, 2005, in which he stated the same thing.
At this point I called Fausto, since he had included his phone number. I explained everything I had heard prior with regards to him not being a real person, that nothing would be filed on my property & that the money, which I never received in whole, was actually Justin’s. He seemed very surprised by this & said he would not proceed with the foreclosure, but that he would contact Ed.
I’ve not had any further communication with “Fausto”.
Shortly after that Justin began claiming that he never received the $25, 000 & that he was hiring an attorney. He said his attorney would be calling me, which has never happened. According to Ed, the $25, 000 was used to pay debts that Justin owed, including the rent for the house that Fausto owned in Las Vegas, as that’s where Justin was living. Justin denies this.
When I left a message for Justin that I would come to Las Vegas to meet with his attorney, he called me back saying that he was meeting with Fausto & Ed in California to put the debt on one of his properties.
Recently, in another attempt to resolve this, I contacted Justin again. He said he would call Ed & then call me back. When he did call me back, he said that Ed told him the note had been sold to someone else & there was nothing else he could do.
When I began to post comments on various websites &, I began to receive threats from Justin & I was blocked from that website by the administrator. Justin’s message to me was that if I removed what I had posted, he wouldn’t contact his attorney & he would resolve the debt, as by my postings I was preventing him from earning millions that would be used to pay the note.
Now I see that there are more victims than I was aware of, and he needs to be stopped.

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  • Je
      30th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    You must go to your local authorities and file a police report, it's never too late. The DOJ is aware of this individual, however you must do your part. They are unable to proceed if victims like you are too afraid to go to the police.

    He will be CAUGHT!

    Do YOUR part!

  • Ph
      16th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I've already gone to the police who say that this is a civil matter & must be dealt with through an attorney. But the good news is that the state attorney general is looking at it & the FBI is also very interested and has all my documentation. Since there are 3 different states involved in my situation, this constitutes wire fraud. I'm doing everything I can to stop this disgusting human being that has no conscience.

  • De
      15th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Sorry to see he screwed you too. I wish I had seen this prior to doing business with him. He contracted with me to do a simple website for stage hipnotist training seminars. During the process he kept asking for additional work to added. In the end not only did I NOT get paid for the work I did for him, I never even got the lousy $150 from the original contract. The ### owed me $1610.00 at the end of the project, the loss of this time and income eventually caused me to be evicted from the home I was renting and my family was briefly homeless. Thank God for relatives that helped me recover. I know I'll never get my money back, but I would really like to see this jerk go to jail.

  • Be
      16th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Thank god for this website! You saved my friend from being defrauded. She just met this jerk through an online dating site. She was just in the process of buying a plane ticket to New York to meet up with him in the next couple of weeks. He is still using the matchmaker sites to meet up with unsuspecting women. I googled his name to see his utube performance and ran right in to your website. Just know that you are helping to protect other women from being ripped off. He is in New York in case anyone is trying to find him.

  • Sh
      12th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I just got a note from him on Black People Meet, they need to remove him from the site if he is a con artist. Thank God for the internet where you can google anyone.

  • Ph
      13th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I'm thankful that my posting has prevented other people from becoming victims of this horrible person. There are other victims on /link removed/ as well. He talks a good game, but based on my experience, he's only out to benefit himself financially after causing someone else terrible pain & suffering. I still have not been able resolve my situation & if I'm ever able to sell my condo, most of the proceeds will go to paying off the $25, 000 debt, plus interest. I guess I'll just go to my grave owning my less than modest home & my children won't receive anything from it's sale. One way or the other, he will eventually get what's coming to him. I'm glad everyone that posted here had the intelligence to do a search on him before they fell prey & I hope other people will search him as well in the future. Please be careful of this idiot!

  • Di
      17th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    WOW! I also was conned by Justin. We met many years ago, right before he got his break in Vegas doing his first show at the Flamingo. As with the others he found me through a dating sight. I live in Minnesota. He also gave me the down and out story. He was even bold enough to ask me to co-sign a loan for him, and we had never even met in person. I did spend money and time and book shows here. At the last moment he said he couldn't come as he had no money for airfare. I had no choice but to make a deal to fly him here or face lawsuits for the shows I booked. I sent him $350 to cover airfare. The verbal agreement was that he would pay me back after he got paid for his show. He spent a week here, used my car, and I never got a penny from him! He said he sent all his show money to his landlord to keep from being evicted. He promised he would pay me back. As he was packing to leave, I saw his plane ticket, he had paid for it using his frequent flyer miles! When I confronted him, he got very mean and angry. He said he didn't want any thing to do with me in the future as he didn't want negative people in his life. We have recently been in contact again...I am so glad I found this!!! I wonder how many people out there he conned? Well, he may be living like a king in the here and now, but he will definitely spend eternity in hell! I will pray for those that Justin has already hurt, and hope God will stop him from hurting more.

  • Ph
      17th of Aug, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Karma can sometimes be a very bad thing. He'll eventually get what's coming to him. I just read on his twitter page that he's going to be in Amsterdam in November! What nerve! Maybe he should use the money he's spending on that trip to undo all the wrongs he's done to other women! No doubt he'll find another victim there. Maybe their laws are different in that country & he'll get what's coming to him ~ I can only pray that he will.

  • Az
      19th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    phxeyes1 I'm so sorry to hear of the hell he put you through. There are others. One of them is a good friend of mine. He got her twice, believe it or not. We were going to go to the local news crimestoppers units, after reading your posts, but like yourself, my friend is afraid. If they say they can't do anything anyway, why bother?

    Disintranzd--run! As for Amsterdam, I read somewhere that it has been cancelled. He probably couldn't afford the airfare.

    I just pity all the other women out there who weren't lucky enough to discover this website. I'm sure he's still doing "it", since apparently that's all he knows besides hypnosis.

  • Ph
      20th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Sadly, the biggest victim in all of this is his innocent son. It makes one wonder what he's learning from his "father". And when he's caught, if he were given a sentence of incarceration, who will that child have to take care of him? What kind of life is this little boy being exposed to?

    It's not that I fear this low life [censor], I just don't have the finances or the resources to go up against this lifetime loser!

    However I do have a very good friend that works in the news media for a major syndication. Since more & more women seem to be coming out about their bad experiences, I'm going to present it to my friend and see if Mr. Cockroach can be exposed for what he is - - - A SCAM ARTIST!

  • Nn
      15th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I can't believe he has a son...poor kid...but then I understand that somatic narcissists are often good parents. He pulled me into his web in 2000 and my head and my heart were twisted and totally messed up for the next 18 months or so. I know all about the show at The Flamingo and then O'Shea's, the "mansion on the hill" and the parade of women. At the time he drove a yellow Prowler, which was fitting, because Justin is a prowler. He told me whatever I wanted to hear, I guess. I felt so incredibly stupid when I finally escaped his clutches. I am fortunate that he didn't take any money, although he more than once asked how much money I had in my 401k and if I wanted to "invest" in him (I laughed). He had a great thing going here in Vegas as the first major hypnotist in town and he was run out of town, appropriately so.

  • Ka
      2nd of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I too have fallen prey to this [censor]. He definitely is not to be trusted but is VERY good at manipulating and taking advantage of (and money from) people. I hope that he can be exposed for what he is, once and for all, and that all his money and assets (whatever they are and wherever they may be) will be taken away from him, so he can experience how it feels. I heard he is now on the East Coast, too far out of reach for some of his victims, but now too far for others. Sooner or later, he will antagonize someone who has access to his personal information -- hopefully soon.

  • Ke
      6th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    My sisters, first and foremost, I am sorry for your loses, aggravations, heart strings and perhaps faith in both your kindness and need for companionship being stepped on mostly from using online dating services. Please do not forget to THINK LIKE a MAN when you are looking to date and or in a relationship of any sort. It is NOTHING WRONG with investigating who you will be spending your time, perhaps bed and money with and that goes for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! RELATIONSHIPS are wonderful, but THEY ARE also IMPORTANT BUSINESS. Romanticism has caused in particular the AMERICAN woman to lose her self of both common sense and the ability to think about the negotiation in relating to a man she wants to choose as a mate. She has also forgotten that it is not WHAT THE MAN WANTS or NEEDS but about HER wants, needs and desires that MOST be filled for the relationship to work. It will be AUTOMATIC a man being fulfilled once his woman is happy. And when she is happy, it should not be about the man finding and being in need for use of her car, plane tickets, food on his table and paying notes and or his rent... STEP UP YOUR own GAME and it will be easier to detect when a man is on one. DEMAND more respect for yourself by first choosing someone to talk to who is not only emotionally available, but higher in your status and also TALKS ABOUT HIS PLANS, which should always include A YOU... THis being said, I AM ON AN ONLINE DATING SERVICE, although I must say I joined out of both curiosity AND TO DO RESEARCH about how men operate... It has been MOST rewarding and ultimately has led me to this site this afternoon. IT IS OKAY to be SUSPICIOUS of EVERYONE you meet on the site, or at the least INQUISITIVE and that does not mean through talking to a man via flirting or whatever, but that if you get pass a HEL LO and a number to start TRACKING WHO HE SAYS HE IS or is NOT... (by the way, learn body language tactics and please, please, don't totally rely on that, CON ARTIST relay on that YOU MAY KNOW BODY SIGNS- but do please do concentrate more on THE ACTIONS of what MEN DO) At any rate, I JUST MET JUSTIN online after reading his bio and one of the MEET sights, there are THREE, BB MEET, MARRIED MINDED PEOPLE and SENIORMEET, they are ALL THE SAME SITE!!, sign up for one and you get the option to okay your profile on the other two. So as to Mr. Justin as all others, if you get a number, you can begin to see if they are fronting... whatever... ONE MAN, and I personally could give too rats [censor] about how much somebody says they make when it is over 50 gee's... I have dated at least one millionaire (certified old money) and dropped his [censor], because he smoked simply REFER everyday, so MONEY is not going to get or keep me around... just saying... any rate, this gentlemen claimed he ran some establishment, owned a plane pic included, made some 250 g plus... well I GOT HIS NUMBER it did confirm that he lived where he said he did, but I can tell you for all certainty where he lived, being that I VISITED that area many a day as a child was not likely a place where someone of his caliber he claimed would likely live, it is not a terrible area at all and the houses are nice, but they are not I make almost 1/2 million living... through his TELEPHONE NUMBER ALONE, I found out his age was right, but NOT THE TIME OF YEAR he said, I also was able to actually SEE HIS HOUSE... now YOU LADIES THINK ABOUT THAT ALSO when you are GIVING so much of your info to STRANGE MEN!! AS WITH RAT JUSTIN TRANZ as JUST IN TRANZ or a woman Who would OPT TO THINK about DATING A MAN WHO's BACKGROUND is claimed to be TWENTY YEARS IN HYNOPTISM... LADIES A HYNOTIST for TWENTY YEARS OKAY smh... well any way... he claims to live in PHILADELPHIA... but if you RESEARCH HIS CELL NUMBER, (that's what it shows up as) IT IS LOGGED as a LAS VEGAS location... which initially was okay for me... I simply put 2&2 together. ENTERTAINMENT< LAS VEGAS> his CLAIM of making 300 THOU plus... (which for me was also a FLAG... come on ladies WHAT MAN IS GOING TO TELL YOU THAT ON A SITE unless he HAS A PLAN... be in manipulation/to impress) He would other than that be ignorant to say he makes that... just saying his FIELD would be enough if he REALLY is SMART or rather SERIOUS about someone who is looking to MEET HIS HEART... WELL, THAT PHONE NUMBER along from BOY JUST IN TRANZ, let me to a twitter account that I did not view, HIS WEBSITES from VEGAS and YES NEW YORK and then these disgusting posts about his evilness... which I was suspect about JUST FROM HIS NAME... not that everyone would do as he says in his bio, "WHILE others are thinking about what to think, I have always been HOW TO THINK" HOW TO THINK about WHO YOU DATE has got to change to put YOU LADIES in POWER OF YOUR CHOICES... YOU ARE THE POWER... YOU HAVE THE POWER... USE YOUR POWER TO CHOOOOOSEEEE not a man you!!! Not what YOU THINK a man is... okay... TRY for you livelihood, sanity and from what I've been reading on this site and probably will on the other site about him that was mentioned hear that I'm going to post on too... again TRY... to start thinking more from your head PA LEEZE from this day on... like a man has traditionally though in a different area... but still it suffices. Think about it... men traditionally have thought with THEIR "HEAD" (bed) and then determine whether you are the one... through YOUR ACTIONS< body language, HABITS>... TIME WE DO THE same... THINK WITH THE ONLY HEAD YOU've GOT, then analyze the actions, body language, habits... FORGET WHEN IN DOUBT CHECK HIM OUT... CHECK HIM OUT< DOUBT ... then if you want to say ya think he has clout...then see if he can stand straight... I mean that figuratively and in pun OKAY... my you have rewards for your sufferings IN THE HERE AND NOW... 100 x over every failed or unsuccessful union or [censor] that has every moved in your aura... Peace to my all my sisters... and by the way... numbers do make differences... telephone numbers and BIRTHDATES!! may want to start looking into the numbers that match your own... I actually have a book coming out about that, but I wouldn't post that info here for several reasons... mainly it not the forum for it... this forum is to expose dirtbags like JUSTIN TRANZ... !!! THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING

  • 1c
      11th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I also realize that I'm not the only one that has fallen prey to this individual. He keeps calling for years to keep me updated..since 2003 till even now.? He got me for a total of $ 39, 000 and i believed every sad stories he one stated in regard his wife, his mother, his manager at the time.. ..etc...that his producer have ripped him off for a lot of money (John Stuart Productions) and now they are in a lawsuit in Las Vegas...wich is true in order the lawsuit.., go to Civil/Criminal Case Records Search Results type in Justin Tranz and you and You will see all his records/lawsuits of the past years.

    He indeed act at first that he is very wealthy and invite you at his "so called" million dollar house with movie theater etc...rides his Prowler and yellow Hummer...He conned me into a partnership where he would pay my bills and we would share my money and when he became famous in vegas I would not have to work any more...even have send me a certificate with name and etc...You named as all the above You ladies.

    Maybe lucky me I have saved all the Bank transfers and even a regular mail track and return letter with the quote "person does not live here"...
    I want to bring him to court too but i am not a US citizen so I do not know where to start or what to do..

    And yes it is the same Justin Tranz who performs now in New York..but in a phonecall a while ago he said you can know where i am at who says i am in NY, i said well You will be easy to find...
    I also have found out that he had some legal going on years ago in regard fraud in Philadelphia...but he won his case. As well there are several addresses he moved due the years, so probably that's why he moved out of Vegas to New York...

    Also one day he called me true skype but i was not available and not home and he forgot to stop the call whill the voicemail was running and he was talking to someone in regard his son, a day later when i called him and confronted him with and how nice...he completely denied he had a son, but i have a little tape here with the voicemessage on it...
    Also the roomer he was going to Europe is correct but to me he said it was a deal in Germany and then when he heard i was going back then maybe he changed his mind and just told me the deal was off...

    If someone is going to sue him let us all stick as 1 and go for it, also You can use my info aswell to or at the state attorney general/FBI, i would be happy to provide some paperworks and pfonerecords and tape...and contact me here if you need mor info or have more info thank you.

    Amazing that he goes further and further with his practice, a concerned another victim who want this man to be stopped!

    Anonymousgirl who is not afraid for this man

  • Ka
      16th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I am amazed by the number of people this man has been able to con so far. I am wondering whether a private investigator would be able to find out whether he has any assets of any value or perhaps any show performance deals in the near future that would result in some money coming in. He seems to just have one monthly performance in Philadelphia right now. Any thought on the subject?

  • Ka
      20th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Is this Justin Tranz the Hypnosis guy in Vegas???

  • Ka
      20th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I almost took this guys hypnosis class man glad i havent. Sorry he ripped you guys off.

  • Ka
      20th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I almost took this guys hypnosis training class in NYC this weekend glad I was out of town WOW! Sorry he ripped you guys off

  • Ka
      21st of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I hate to say this, but his training class would probably have been very good, considering how successful he has been at fooling so many people.

  • Tr
      4th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Anybody can get on to this site and anonymously post anything, just like I did. I know Justin Tranz extremely well and I know your story. You are a crazy, disturbed woman who is extremely spiteful after your failed relationship with this man. I ran each of the IP addresses on these complaints only to find that they are from the same person. Contrary to what you said, look at Clarke County records and you will find nothing on this man. It's online. Go and look. If your claim had any merit to it, he would have been criminally convicted and sued in civil court a long time ago. Has any of that happened? No. Because your allegations are not true. If anything, he should pursue you and sue the living crap out of you for defamation and slander. It's been over 2 years. Get over him and move on.

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