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I bought a female Bengal kitten about a year and a half ago from Jungletime Bengals. She started to be sick a couple of days after we got her. She has since been on numerous medications, including a nose flush ( which required anesthesia). To this day, she is still wheezing and expelling large, thick and dark mucus from her nose all over the furniture. The cattery claims to have a " TICA outstanding cattery" award, it is a surprising claim since they sold me a chronically ill cat.

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    Jungletime Bengals customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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  • Ju
      22nd of Mar, 2012

    This lady did purchase a cat from us on October 26, 2010, she was shipped to her by airline in good health documented by my veterinarian just before she left. We have all documentation of this on hand as well as photos of her before shipping. We were contacted to let us know that she arrived great, and that they loved her, she was very sweet, outgoing, and playful. Even saying that she looked "very healthy" when she got her. We were then contacted by her 6 weeks after she left our home on December 7th saying she had been sick for a few weeks(which we were not told about until Dec 7th), we responded right away to her email with advice and offered our opinion. We responded to her every single time she emailed and had any questions at all. Many kittens get a sneeze or a cold when they leave for their new home, because of the stress, so we advised her of what to do to help. Every time she asked a question we responded very promptly with an answer. I will never say that it is impossible for our cats or any cats for that matter to have a virus or a bacteria, after all they are living creatures, but we do our very best to send healthy, happy, and beautiful kittens to their new homes. Her last email was accusing us stating that we needed to take responsibility for sending a sick kitten... I wrote back to her, she did not want a replacement, she did not want reimbursement, or to send the kitten back to us because she was attached to her. There was nothing else we could do. We try our very best to please each and every client we sell kittens to around the world, but sometimes it just isn't enough. In breeding, some kittens unfortunately will get sick, just as in humans, I will never argue this, but to hang someone out to dry because of it randomly happening is just terrible. She was frustrated, and we understood this, but in her eyes we could do nothing to make her happy or change the situation. We would have gladly taken the kitten back and still offer that to this day. The last time she contacted us was March 13, 2011 and today, a year later, she is posting this about our cattery. I did not, and still to this day, do not know what we could have done to please her. We did not send her a sick kitten on purpose, she was healthy when she left our arms, we tried to help in every way we knew possible, and still this is posted about our cattery.

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  • Pa
      25th of Oct, 2012

    It seems from reading the info, the buyer is someone that can't be pleased no matter how hard the seller tried to accomondate her. To the Breeder - Keep up the good work breeding bengal kittens and remember that sometimes you can't satisfy everyone no matter how hard you try. It's a shame the buyer resorted in trying to muddy the reputation of an excellent breeder when nothing is 'purrfect' in this world and bad things happen as a result of no one's fault.

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  • Ma
      29th of Jun, 2013

    To this day, 3 years later, the kitten (now cat) is still sick and shooting out dark clumpy mucus from her nostrils on a regular basis. and that is after extensive medical treatment. Although it is obviously not a life threatening disease, it is also not a little hiccup in an otherwise good breeding program. i just noticed that the breeder will not be breeding anymore, that is a good thing.

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  • Ju
      11th of Nov, 2013

    All breeding programs can have cats or kittens that have health issues, they are after all living creatures not jars of manufactured mayonnaise. When she left us she was healthy, all litter mates were healthy and to this day are fine. She was shipped to you. I have not been contacted since her last complaint written here. I offered help, offered replacement within the health guarantee period of one year, offered to take back the cat. What else do you want? Do you really think that every animal bred out there by a breeder is 100 percent healthy, that none have health problems? That we as breeders can predict and guarantee everything? Believe me, we all wish we could! I spend tombs of money on my breeding cats and kittens for testing and vet expertise. If your child was born with a health problem is that your fault? Is it the doctors fault always? You never wanted to return the cat for replacement, you never wanted additional help... Once again what the hell do you want? I have stopped breeding not because of health issues, but because I had a child. Not that it is any of your business honestly. I have tons of referrals and hand over fist numbers of happy clients with healthy happy cats. anyone is welcome to contact me directly for testimonials and phone numbers. Just remember if you get to the point that you don't want this sweet cat any longer, by contact she must come back to me. Wow, I sound like a terrible breeder I guess saying I will take back a "sick cat" at any point in her life, don't I?? Good luck finding many breeders who will offer and expect that.

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  • Le
      24th of Nov, 2013

    I own 2 beautiful healthy cats from this wonderful breeder . Fiona 5 and Onyx 4 years old. We are so greatful that we found Jungletime bengals and adore you Jen for making our life so happy with your kittens and educating us on this amazing breed. I came across this review by pure accident and it broke my heart to read about poor kitten and such hurtful acusations. I feel so angry because we experienced first hand how much love, time and effort this wonderful lady put in this program . She invested her life and her heart and a ton of money to insure only best conditions and health care was provided, made thousands of families happy. How dare you imply why she stopped her breeding program in such a mean way. You have no idea what you are talking about here. For 5 years we followed all updates posted of happy owners and kittens coming out this great program. It's very unfortunate about your kitten and things happen. It's not fair and just like kids are born with cancer or smthg they shouldn't have .. It's not their mothers fault . It's a tragedy that no one is spared from . It just happens . No reason to hurt this wonderful woman .. I m sad to find this review

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  • Am
      1st of May, 2014

    I adopted two amazing kitties from Jen at Jungletime, a 1 and a half year old retired breeder and a gorgeous f2 kitten. Both were wonderfully socialized and healthy. They are the most affectionate kitties I have ever had. Both are healthy. Animals can fall ill for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is the luck of the draw and cannot be prevented. I feel sad for the kitten, but this had nothing to do with Jen. She is an amazing loving and caring breeder who does everything to insure her cats health and well being. I had the best experience with her. Her cattery was very clean, she clearly has a loving relationship with all her cats and kittens. Thank you Jen for enriching our lives with our kitties and for the wonderful experience you provided both times. I am sorry to see this hurtful accusation when the situation is clearly not your fault. I also feel bad for the cat, but unfortunately these things happen in the world. If Jen ever starts up her breeding program again I HIGHLY recommend her and her amazing cattery. Thank you for everything Jen.

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