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Jump For Fun / richard london owner

1 Carson, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18002816792

I rented a jumper for my son's birthday party.. The unit kept deflating.. The children didn't use it at all. I called customer service and spoke with mary, who assured me the owner richard london wouuld be contacting me. I called on monday, tues, and wednesday. They kept telling me he was out of the office. I finally demanded to talk to him and when my call was transferred to his office he answered by saying, "what do you want woman" he then proceded to tell me to quit "busting my chops" I have never dealt with such a jerk who runs a company that basically distributes throughout the united states. After doing some research I have found out that this richard jerk has treated many people this way - the best he can do is offer 10% off the next rental, ummmmm no I don't want to use your crap company again.. I have also found out that the local news station had a segment on him, as well as several small claim in court in which he lost... My goal is to spread the word.. So far I am doing a pretty good job, mr. Richard london, you told the wrong person to quit busting my chops... The bottom line is this man is running a comany that caters to children - richard you are a jerk

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  • Ma
      25th of Nov, 2011
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    Jump For Fun - My son almost died
    Jump For Fun
    United States

    My son got a bacterial blood infection from their water slide. His foot swollen, painful. Kid almost ended up in the hospital. Horrible!

  • Sy
      14th of Aug, 2012
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    Keep spreading the word... I agree... I rented a jumper for my dauther's birthday party..the unit developed an air bubble..we didn't use it and aske them to refund our money. I called customer service and Ernie told me he'd talk to his boss, Richard London. I called back on Friday, Ernie said he's only offer a discount, I said I wanted my money. He said to leave a message and Richard would get it and call me back. I got a call back on Monday from "the highest ranking person" in the office, Gibson Vaughn (that's what he said his name was) and he basically accused me a lying, was rude, condescending and couldn't give a hoot about offering a refund. Told me to take the 20% discount or leave it. I have never dealt with such a jerk and can't believe they're still in business given their lack of customer service. It's ridiculous and let's keep spreading the word... DO NOT USE JUMP FOR FUN!!!

  • Tb
      10th of Aug, 2013
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    HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! They showed up with a smaller water slide than we ordered and would not refund the difference. It was filthy and had a sharp edge at the bottom which cut some of the kids feet ( we took pictures). We called the company and after getting the run around and tranfered several times we spoke to the owner RICHARD LONDON, who would only give a 10% discount on the next order. He was rude and arrogant. We did some research and for those who want to take this company to small claims court. Owner: Richard DOB:3/25/1951. Corporation # C1981762, SIC# 7359-0600. Jump For Fun address: 2415 S. Sierra Dr, Compton, CA 90220., The driver who delivered was a Hispanic woman from Palmdale who used her children to help her set up!!! Hope this helps put this crooked company out of business. Check out the article from 7 on your side dated Sep 5, 2007. They were horrible back then!!!

  • Ru
      18th of Jun, 2014
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    Richard London owner of JumpForFun in Carson is absolutely horrible! What a joke!! Now I understand why they want your money first. Horrible customer service! I don't even know where to begin. First of all Driver shows up late to deliver jumper, he is completely rude and unfriendly. They offer discount but will not follow through. This Richard guy does not answer any calls or respond to any complaints. WARNING...stay away from this company!! I have reported this company to the BBB,

  • Cs
      8th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have also had issues renting from them and will never use them again. I rented a bouce house for my sons bday and the blower they set up did not work. By the time the driver came back to fix it the party was over. I called for 3 weeks straight to speak to a manager, and was always told they were not in. I was told Rebecca and Jose were to call me back and nothing. Ridiculous. The employees that answer the phone are young and have no customer service skills at all.

    They should not be in business.

  • Da
      6th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Yes this guy is horrible I used to think internet bashing was wrong but this is a horrible person that should not be in business. Their jumper lasted 1.5 hours of a 6 hour party and although admitting the his guy "f'd up" he did not want to compensate us in anyway. He said the driver left the Jumper outside for an extra hour... the party was over.

  • Dz
      18th of Aug, 2017
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    I JUST got off the phone with owner, Richard London, who not only was extremely unprofessional but mocked me, called me "honey" like I'm some dumb bimbo, and screamed into the phone, "You're telling ME how to run my business?!" The problem? The Big Kahuna was too wide to fit through the side of the house and was about 2-3 inches wider than the main front door. My solution? Have his driver and friend unroll it and bring it through the house and to the backyard. Pretty simple stuff.

    The driver gets on the phone to make sure he's allowed to unwrap the slide. London, [censor]footing around, refused to agree to any solution I had, citing, "You live in Brentwood, other homes in Brentwood have bigger doors, why isn't yours big enough?! As I worked to stay on topic and find something that he would agree upon- like unrolling it and repackaging it with either bungee cords or cellophane he got more argumentative saying, "I'm not going to have my guys spend extra time doing anything like that." Wait, what? He continues, "We're just going to have them leave, they're going to pack up and leave." I said, "They're already here, and the slide has been paid for. They called you to get confirmation" "We'll REFUND you then!" I said, "I'm trying to work with the solution that's at hand. Leaving and refunding us is simply not an option. Let's stay on task and focus on finding a solution to, what I believe to be, not this difficult of a problem." He snaps, yelling, "Listen, honey, You're telling ME how to run my business?! You don't get the tell me how to run my business." (which he just kept repeating) At which point, I had reached my breaking point. "We have been speaking for almost 10 minutes, and instead of doing your job you choose to shut down, call me honey and yell at me like a baboon. Your tone is egregious, and clearly, you aren't smart enough to handle this job in the first place." He continues to yell, at which point I hand the phone back to his driver (who is a sweetheart by the way) and say, "Your boss is an [censor]. My solution is what we are going to proceed with, as far as I'm concerned this conversation is over."

    The driver and his friend unpacked the slide, dragged it through the house, and was able to set it up in our backyard. Shocking! What a freaking mission this was, getting knucklehead Richard London to agree on this. Clearly, this should have never been an issue but because I was a woman, he refused to listen to anything I had to say. Everything I said was met with a mocking tone that was made to make me feel like I wasn't smart enough to even come up with a solution in the first place. Shut this business down. Richard London is not capable of handling a customer service, solution based job. Don't waste your money and time on Jump For Fun California, it's not worth it.

  • Kr
      8th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    I refuse to allow this company to take any more of my time, so I am pasting my yelp review. Long story short, stay aware from the company. Richard London made racial comments to my husband.. very unprofessional!! No surprise, they have an F rating with the BBB!

    Big mistake! I should have read these reviews prior to reserving a jumper. We reserved the jumper from 12pm-8pm. I reserved, knowing there was a 2 hour window prior to delivery and after pickup. We waited until midnight for pickup, no one showed. We relocated the motors to the backyard so they would be secure. We were given the supervisors number the day of the event, to report that the jumper was not anchored in the grass and they did not leave a hose connector for the waterslide. He never called back. We called several times to inquire about when they would pick up.. again no return call. We hung around the following day, waiting for pickup. By 4pm we left to get a bite to eat. As we arrived hoe, 5:30pm, I found the helper jumping our fence entering our backyard and garage. I ran up to the house to confront him; he informed me that his supervisor instructed him to jump our fence and unlock the gate to gain access to the backyard and garage. All they had to do is call me and I would have arranged to be home. My husband confronted the "supervisor" who drives the truck and was met with racial slurs! I will never rent from Jump for Fun again and I will not recommend them to others.

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