Judy Trinh / Scam real estate agent

1 Fullerton, CA, United States

Judy Trinh acted as my real estate agent to help me selling my house. After the house was sold, with the help of her husband, Hiep Trinh, they stole all the transaction money from my sold house. They lied to the escrow company and told them to wire the money into their own personal account. After it they wired all the money out of the country into their own private account oversea. Right now, they have filed chapter 13 to pretend that they have no asset. But their house is own by a living trust that setup by them to hide the money. Beware of this scam artist, they will take all of your money!!! Hiep Trinh bought lot of diamonds and golds to hide their asset. Creditors should inform the Bankruptcy trustee board so they can freeze all of these diamonds and gold.

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