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Judy Goodger specialises in selling prestige real estate she is in cahoots with her daughter who has numerous aliases and is married to a gold coast based russian businessman. Goodger arranged for her daughter or son in law to buy properties below thier true market value and on sold them pocketing huge profits in a series of million dollar deals. As well as ripping off her clients by under selling their properties, Judy Goodger also charged thousands of dollars in commisions for the privilege of being fleeced. Judy arranged for her daughter sarah and husband alex to buy a home for $1.185 million they resold soon after for $1.450 million, In another case she sold the home of an elderly widow for $1.3 million later the home was transfered into one of judy's daughters aliases isobel fedotov then on sold the property for $1.5 million. How to steal a quick $200.000 (plus commission of course) no matter who you are a battler a millionaire or a shark no one is safe from Judy Goodger or the Ray White super group, Dont be fooled by marketing names like Judy Goodger Prestige it is simply a wolf in sheeps clothing judy operates exclusivley out the offices of Ray White Paddington Brisbane like all agents who are involved in insider trading she should be behind bars.

Judy Goodger Prestige Real Estate

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  • De
      6th of Feb, 2010

    I am sorry but that just sounds like a great business person. It is done in Real Estate all the time.

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  • Go
      21st of Feb, 2010

    Paranormal Justice; what she is doing is illegal and against the Fair Trade code of practise. When she signs up to represent a client it is her responsibilty to work in their best interests, not her own. Also, she needs to disclose if she is selling the property to family, which she is obviously not doing, hence the aliases of her daughter. It does not happen in real estate all the time, and if you know of a case where it has, it should be reported to protect the public from dishonest agents like Judy Goodger.

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