Judge Mary ParnowUnethical Corrupt Judge

Judge Mary Parnow is an unethical and corrupt judge. When you have a social security disability hearing with her, she says one thing in the hearing and denies you months later. I find it very interesting that many low life Blacks who are addicted to drugs are approved the first time they apply in San Diego. This is because many judges in California are corrupt and accept bribes from drug dealers and other criminals Judge Mary Parnow being one of them.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA It is sad when hard working deserving people need their disability as they have paid into the system, they are continuously denied by corrupt judges who take payoffs, kickbacks from drug dealers. Many of the blacks approved have prison records, have been in and out of the prison system and have not paid taxes or paid into the social security system, yet they are the first to be approved. On the first of every month they give their checks to drug dealers. San Diego is one of the most corrupt, vile, classless cities in the United States. The city is crawling with criminals from Mexico preying on attractive American women to kidnap into sex trafficking, and doing business with blacks who are in the drug underground. I would not recommend anyone visit California especially Southern California where corruption is widespread

Jan 24, 2015

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