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JSK Computer Services / Fraud

2001 Peninsula Dr. Erie, Pennsylvania, 16506Erie, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 814-392-6907
I had dealt with Jeffrey Kodba over the phone and via email in regards to purchasing LCD TVS, LCD monitors and Laptops. I live and work in Toronto so I couldn't see the product in person but he sent me a description along with pictures. The price along with the discription and pictures seemed reasonable and like a great deal, little did I know that once I sent the money Approx. $20, 000 USD that all I would get is garbage in return. I received broken toys, and 1 tv that looked like it came out of the garbage. Once I contacted him he stated that he had sent me the product I purchased and that if anything the shipping company had stolen the merchandise, he later began to call me a terrorist and truly was no help. He also said he would credit me 10, 000 towards a future purchase only for 50% of a next order, which meant that in order to get any credit I had to give him more money. I researched his company online and it turns out that I was not the first to fall into his trap and that there had been many before me. Do not deal with this company or this man, you will regret it as he will take your money and then threaten to take legal action against you. He will use such tactics as claiming you had threatend him, or saying that you are terrorizing him. He will do anything to steal your money and put the blame on anyone else including you. There are many many other victims don't be the next one, don't fall into his trap.


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  30th of Jan, 2009
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I completely agree with you Hitech. I have been a recent victim of JSK. My situation is a mirror of yours. I ordered Laptops from him for over $14000. It turns out it took him 2 weeks to send over the shipment inspite of the shipping company going over there almost every day to pick up the items, they were never ready to be shipped. And when i got it, it was all salvaged junk laptops that were broken and NOT A SINGLE WORKING piece. Called him up and he gave the same story as Hitech mentioned above. This is just incredible how he treats his customers or i rather say victims. I do not understand why the State of Pennsylvania is still allowing JSK Computer Services to operate. This is a totally an unethical business practice. JSK, you can cheat your customers, but remember you cannot cheat GOD. What goes around comes around and i just pray that may God guide you to proper direction.
  4th of Feb, 2009
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Now i have done business with Jskcomputers and have made a lot of money off that company. I have had bad loads but i understood the risk since you have to agree to there terms before you can buy so I hate to say it but if you got bad loads maybe you should read the terms before purchase. I did took the risk and have been very lucky with there loads. I have only bought xboxs but still i understand that they are untested and every invoice states that. Good Luck
  11th of Feb, 2009
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I to have done business with Jskcomputers and can't say ive ever had a problem. I buy electronics and lcd tv's off them now for over a year and like blue sky some loads are better than others but i can't say i didn't understand what i was buying seeing is that it is spelled out. You can get a 0 to 100% yield in this business.
  23rd of Jul, 2010
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Long story short I am also a victim of JSK computer services, my story is little different, I lost my house, my business and till this day I am out of work…… GOD is great and friends you will see GOD will punish both brothers Jeffry Kodba and Joe Kodba . I thought in U.S.A no one will do that kind of fraud but seems like there are people like these two brothers who are taking full advantage of system, no one can put hands on them, even the agencies are kind of helpless to do anything against them which really surprises me. Friends whoever is a victim of them please go to IC3.gov and let the authorities know what is going on in Erie Pennsylvania. My biggest surprise is that its been real long these people are in business and still robbing businesses at broad day light and there is no one to stop them
  8th of Mar, 2013
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Jsk Tims seems to be another company like this. One lie after another but never a product shipped. They don't even have anyone at all to answer the phone, ever! Return emails stopped also, as soon as it became obvious that there were no longer any excuses they could give. Luckily I paid through a Visa card, via Paypal, so I have more of a recourse than some poor souls who would have had their checking account billed through PayPal. I don't know if the two JSK company's are related but the criminally low ethical quality certainly are!
  8th of Mar, 2013
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never received product. Street address of company is fictitious. l Phone number has not worked ever, at any time of day, any day during last month. PayPal says they are verified but there address does not exist..

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