Josh Consulting Inc. Technical Servicestech support for quicken

This company misrepresents itself as Quicken support and falsely claims it provides the only way to get over-the-phone support. It is not authorized by Quicken and Quicken provides over-the-phone support for free. I was reluctant, fearing a scam, and securing a verbal promise that if I found out Quicken provided phone support I could get my money back, but, ultimately, I was taken in and paid $469.99 on June 30, 2017, for 3 years of support, including three annual upgrades to my Quicken software. I received help a few times but the company frequently doesn't answer the phone. I never received an upgrade to my software despite repeated requests. When I finally found my way to real Quicken support and received much better assistance without cost I called Josh Consulting and they did pick up the phone. I demanded a refund since I was lied to about Quicken's phone support and never even received the 2018 upgrade. I was told the despite the verbal promise I received, there would be no refund: it was "against company policy." I tried to speak to a supervisor without success. Then I found this website and read that you had secured refunds for ripped-off customers. So I decided to file this complaint. I would like a full refund since I was lied to, received poor service when it was available, no service on multiple occasions and no software update. It is so frustrating to feel scammed like this and I appreciate BBB for being there for consumers who have no other recourse. Thank you.

Nov 28, 2018

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