Jordan James Snell Scammer from devonScammer jordan james snell ripped me off!

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Jordan James Snell from Torquay is a scammer he sold me an eBay account and eBay within a week has closed the account down. I contacted eBay customer services and they have said that the account shouldn't of been sold as they didn't have approval from eBay.

Jordan James Snell the scammer has even closed his mobile phone or blocked all my calls. I have filed a small claims court and attached the photo here within this listing.

If your thinking of doing business with this crook think again!

Jordan James Snell Scammer from devon
Jordan James Snell Scammer from devon

Feb 04, 2017
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  • We
      Mar 22, 2018

    Here is a connection - all scammers and all part of this operation : NATHAN COOMBE AND STERLING BUSINESSES LTD

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  • Ma
      Jun 12, 2018

    Haha. Oh look yet another internet quality face plant from Investment faker lord james taylor. Lol. James your legal document picture is dated 2010.. lol.. you had best edit it quick so you dont look like an even bigger tit than you already do by still pretending to be women then i see to leave your ropey fake reviews, come on sad sack you can do better than that lol.

    Heard some interesting voice recordings from you the other day. Does a DR in bournemouth ring any bells? Got it all recorded. Another victim of your scamming ways. You werent very careful on tha

    Also got some people keen to meet you. Lol. No really come back to uk.

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  • Tm
      Jul 08, 2018

    I believe that they have once changed their name again! That's 5 times this year maybe more! Business Matters UK is their new company name.

    Here are some more copied websites they are trying to flog for thousands:

    The same guys advertising on businesses for! dont let them fool you! They sell eBays and cheap cloned websites. Some are based in Torquay and some are based in london which are all part of this scam network.
    Mindful marketing ltd
    Synapse Solutions UK

    They go by the names:
    Jordan James Snell
    Nathan Alan Coombe
    Chris Funnell
    Victoria Davis
    Robert Smith - Think another fake name!
    Phone numbers they have used:

    Search these names and website addresses in google and you will see years of scams.

    Victoria Davis is now a new director this scammer Nathan coombe has had 3 different director names attached to his scam companies over the years. Victoria Davis born June 1967 with a fake mail forwarding address of: 71 - 75, Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
    This is a scam company well known on the internet!

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  • An
      Jul 30, 2018

    This plum James taylor phoned me trying to hock an eBay business with feedbacks on it from some other owner. Must be a Scammer and a quick conversion through google and found loads of information on him through and also loads of previous names he’s used including James Marnley just as been stated above

    Have seen evidence of him on forums constantly Leaving fake reviews with his own spammy website links berating legitimate businesses and anybody else that he thinks may be seen as a competitor.

    Won’t take PayPal or credit card payments with you would think is proof enough he is a scammer and only wants bank transfer or western union!! his also and oh what a shock, bad reviews everywhere on him.

    No idea about honest business from the looks of it so we won’t invest with him.

    James taylor and James Marnley are totally the same person and this Emanuela Di Tillio is a fraud too, Lisa Matthews is also connected to same scam, they are definitely all fraudulent and have all been outed and all been shamed on the web on many forums by many visitors.

    Try meeting any of them in person, no uk address and not willing to meet, proof again of a scam for sure.

    Try meet with emanuela Di tillio and Ask her even the most basic questions about crypto currency is, block chain function or trading and investments on the stock market and she won’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about despite the fact she is being touted as a crypto currency expert on the website.

    James is very deluded and must be seriously mentally ill to be creating these made up characters in his head this way and Again try meet up with James in person and ask him anything about brand representation, hr, customer retention, marketing, SEO, or anything else About managing and running a business and he will just palm you off with a non-answers and then run off to consult Wikipedia and whilst hiding out in the toilet to see if he can get the job done on the cheap and bill you 10 times that.

    Just type his new alias Kev Waltham into YouTube and have a look at his videos, For somebody you such an expert in marketing I’m sure you would appreciate having selected reviews as his videos clearly are totally amateur and don’t garner more than 50 at a time unless he’s pumping them up himself. I mean seriously the guy slurs his words and can’t string a proper sentence together and does that really sound like somebody who is a successful business man? Or more importantly somebody that you would want to invest money with and then receive training and support from?

    Conclusion = not an opportunity at all!!

    Plenty of other businesses out there offering real opportunities at a fraction of the price and with none of the issues.

    Always seek professional advice from a registered legal firm before engaging with any such broker and make sure you check the competition also.

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  • On
      Aug 12, 2018

    Nathan coombe and Jordan James Snell and Victoria Davis plus Chris Funnell is all part of this scam that has been doing on for years. sterling businesses ltd plus many others!

    Not sure what the last guy is talking about! Type these names into Google and you will find court cases, fraud charges, police arrests

    I have spoken with James and also met James and lisa in person. They have a office in Sheffield where customers are able to meet and discuss requirements..

    All these posts has been written by a competitor it's very clear to see this. If you do your own research into the names above and see what companies they own you will see it's the competitors writing the comments.

    Please do your own research because these competitors are criminals and have a criminal past history all recorded online!

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  • On
      Aug 18, 2018

    James taylor is a thief and a serial rip off merchant who steals from people and hurts them financially by using a short con technique involving the alleged brokering of eBay accounts which is of course in tiny against eBay's terms and constitutes massive eBay account fraud.

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  • Th
      Aug 20, 2018

    I can assert that james taylor aka james kevin marnley of and is an out-and-out scammer and this evil individual won't think twice about taking your money and then ignoring your phone calls when you try to get it back.

    He got caught in the UK posting fake reviews on businesses there and then left the country.

    Do all due diligence possible on this person before even considering doing any business and if you can't afford a solicitor to do it than simply do a Google search on the name James Marnley which is his birth name and you'll see that he as closed down 8 businesses in 8 years and some calling himself james taylor and lord taylor. He has lost a whole load of court cases since 2008 which are all public record.

    He is not a bitcoin investor and knows nothing about it and is definitely not a businessman and knows even less about that so you'll be far better just giving you money to charity than investing anything with this complete waste of an organ set.

    It is also documented on a YouTube video by his own wife for the actually beat her in the comments.

    He will always write fake reviews to counteract any bad press on him but the fact is that there's no smoke without fire and this fire's been raging for 10 years now so it simply common sense that you shouldn't do business with this person.

    Anything he may claim to be able to teach you you can simply find yourself for free on the internet with no cost whatsoever and you will learn a lot more besides.

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  • Tr
      Sep 13, 2018

    Guys & girls!!!

    Tell your friends and pass this information on. I dont want anyone else scammed because of this scumbag!!

    Be aware... james is now scamming people into crypto-currency.

    "our goal is to become the most reliable store of value cryptocurrency backed by gold."

    Haha what a crock of [censored]e...
    He claims he has 5 years exp in blockchain which is a lie!


    Profit was formed in 2005 by a team of professionals who brought their expertise and vision to the industry with the director and ceo james taylor, the master of web project developments with five years experience in the blockchain. he is a pr professional with over 8 year’s international experience and a long track record in affiliate marketing, trader and crypto enthusiast. he has been working with profit since 2016. james hobbies are trying to make his new born baby giggle.

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