Johnny Rocketsgm having sexual relations with employee and inappropriate comments

Nick Chavez at the Johnny Rockets establishment in Albuquerque, NM ( Cottonwood location) is having sexual relations with a female employee ( Gia Moretto). He has made comments towards other employees that are unprofessional in nature. He told one employee "you can clock in as a cook instead of FDR even on your FDR shifts since I am [censored]ing Gia". "Kota looks hot today" to a couple of employees; this employee is 17 years old and this GM is 29 years old. Gia stays with 2 other former employees whom quit due to Nick. A total of 5 employees quit on the same day due to this GM. He was in one of the former employees apartment and yelled at the employee conveying "
its [censored] that you couldn't keep your mouth shut". That is the day the employee's living with Gia quit Johnny Rockets. Nick calls his store drunk or impaired and speaks to the employees. Nick and Gia have also had sexual contact in the Johnny Rockets location after hours on the grill.

I am sure that this franchise would not want to be tarnished by this man and I frankly will never eat in any of your locations again. I would expect that an investigation be completed and appropriate action be taken.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Albuquerque, NM I would suggest that it be completed by someone other than Loretta- District Store Manager for you not conduct the investigation she is bias. Another former employee sent Loretta an e-mail conveying some of this information and she text him to call her after 3pm. The employee called her and Loretta conveyed that she is coming to Albuquerque and will speak with him; but she does not think that this information can be proved and it's not enough to fire him. She also eluded that Johnny Rockets does not have a policy on that. I find it hard to believe that you do not have a "Sexual Harassment or Fraternization policy". Johnny Rockets does not have a policy on Managers sleeping with employees at work or otherwise; making comments about employees and how they look and what he does with them?

Your GM thinks that all these young adult are able to be abuse or won't say anything. I am an adult and am appalled by this information- whether probable or not- I suggest you seriously look into these allegations, for 5 employees quit in one day and I have mentioned several employees/former employees without their names- I am sure through deduction you can figure out everyone.

Thank you for reviewing this.

A concerned customer

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