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JMR Express Moving was hired by my mother to move my her furniture into storage and then to her residence. They assured us their workers were professional and experienced. Not only did they use twice as much time during the move than they should have, they also caused damage in the house. The moving team they sent us, we were later told, was comprised of one experienced worker and two new, young inexperienced men. After complaining about the problem, the management said they would make up for the problem by paying for the damage once they received a bill for repair, and by giving my mother a senior's discount, that, by the way, she was already eligible for. One month after they received payment by my mother for the service, they contacted us to tell her that they would not be paying for the damage of $160.00 because there was a deductible claim of $250.00 stated in her contract. When I asked why we were not told this when we first complained about the damage, the representative said it took a month for her to receive the paperwork and that the salesman was not obliged to disclose that information. I asked why such a small company, with an office as small as my home, needed 30 days to transfer internal documents and she had no answer. This is a perfect example of a company who takes advantage of older citizens who are unaware or not even able to read fine print. You only know how bad a service company is when they owe you money, because they never want to pay for the damage they cause. I vowed not to rest until I continually publicize how horrible their service is!

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  • Jm
      Jul 24, 2009

    JMR is a terrible company!

    I was charged for 3 men a rate of $140 per hour when only 2 of them worked. They were young, inexperienced, took way to much time and broke several objects!!!

    Here are other names that they do business under.

    [protected] QUÉBEC INC

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  • Mo
      Oct 13, 2011

    They aren't that bad. I work in the moving business, and do a lot of work with many other companies in the area... incl. JMR. The problem is, most people, don't pay attention to their contracts..or take the time to understand it properly (insurance deductibles are STATED on contracts and invoices.. aside from little make shift companies who don't know anything until it hits them in the face).

    $140/hr is usually for the busier seasons, and that's a reasonable price. we go up to $200.. $250 once we even had to charge 300/ hr during the busy season.. if one guy was slacking.. then you call the office and make your complaint immediately.. you can't expect to do something AFTER the fact, becasue then it's too late.. it's the same with ANY service.

    I get phone calls 30 times a day, and usually any complaints, have to do with mis understandings, based on lack of knowledge.

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  • Sg
      Oct 16, 2013

    Going on four month without my things. Quote doubled, extra 300lbs added to my bill (weird round number). No customer service, need to call them each time as they never return calls. Avoid them like the plague. They resell your contract to actionvanlines so that they can play the blame tag with them. "Oh no, you need to talk to actionvanlines ..." "Us? no no no... you need to talk to JMR express...". Don't make the same mistake I did and choose someone else to do business with.

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