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Jim Cassa is as dodgy as they come. I booked a psychic reading over the internet for a psychic reading and I was taken for a ride. I should have been more clued up that his subscriber email and phone reading was fake. None of his predictions for me came true. He told me that I would get the job I was applying for and I didn't even get into the top three. If only I had found all of the comments I've since found on the web. James Cassa and Jim Cassa from down under is a charlatan and I want to know if anyone else has been taken in by this Spanish tiene el don de la palabra?

I know better to do a psychic reading with a Australian psychic.

Come and defend yourself Jim and tell me how you can tell people like me you are an expert. 30 Years experience? If that is what I get for 30 years experience I want my money back

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  • Report him to your feds. This guy is a predator on the vulnerable and should be reported if he is asking for you to have sex. That's probably his set up.

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  • Ch
      Mar 08, 2012

    I phoned Australian Jim Cassa for a psychic reading and I can't say I was impressed in his psychic abilities. When I asked for a general reading he just told me that he doesn't do them and I should tell him why I was calling. Then when I said I thought that was what a psychic did he just laughed and called me darling, as though I had given him liberty to do so.

    I found him to be off putting and quite condescending.

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  • St
      Jun 11, 2012

    I was a good client of Jims for over a year...We also become great friends and met up in the city for coaching session...I was happy with his service and friendship until I made a few mistakes...I shoudnt have told him about my abortion, my family problems and my abusive past...Prehaps I should have got counseling...He is no longer speaking to me anymore as he knows I like him more then a friend and was emailing him too much...He told me I needed to seek help and that I was apparently rude to his mother on the phone..He is not speaking to me anymore as I requested my $67 back for a reading that i never got...He told me that it would be hard for me to find a man as I am a very negative person...That shattered my soul because i had trusted to confide in him about my abortion and other abuse...He also went on how he was more spiritual then me and I was not spiritual...Like he gave me the idea he was just so more superior...I would not recommend jim to anybody who has just experienced any form of sexual abuse and needs genuine counseling...I would actually recommend that they find a Christian type counselor who does not speak over you and make out that they are more superior as that can stunt the healing process...I am very damaged over the experience I had with Jim but that could also be because I have been very hurt and lost trust i men because I was violated in the past...Jim was helping me with my website at so I cant say he is all bad...I was just angry with him because I have been trying to heal my past and took some stuff out on him...I have now learned that you cannot put all your trust in fortune tellers...Because they are only human and can let us down just as we are also human...The bible also teaches us not to consult mediums because of this reason...People also dont realize that fortune tellers are deceived by fallen angels..

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  • Ta
      Sep 03, 2012

    Jim has been ignoring me for the past 8 months..We use to be good friends..And i was a client of his..Its really hurt me deep down to have felt so rejected..

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