Jewelry Savings Plancanceled acct. still sending jewelry

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I too have been a "victim" of thier company. Just as all the others I order a ring (for free, just pay shipping) with no indication that I would be enrolled in a monthly subscription. JSP sent the ring, then proceeded to send me monthly packages and charge my credit card. When I canceled my acct. they continued to send and charge me, I have been returning to sender for credits (which they have been doing), I have also sent emails and letters through the mail with no luck of my acct. actually being closed. This has been going on since Aug. 2017 (3 months now). I am now sending a complaint through my credit card and stopping any further payments to them.

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  • Ja
      Feb 19, 2009
    Jewelry Savings Plan - I didn't even enter a card number and they got it!
    United States

    I never even entered a credit card number!
    I still got the jewlery and the free earings, but once I saw that I was going to be charged monthly, I sent it back. and on top of that they figured out my checking about number, so now I'm being charged for something I never even gave a card number.


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  • Qu
      Feb 19, 2009

    the same thing happened to me...

    what did you do to fix it?

    they somehow got my dads DEBIT card number...

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  • Tr
      Apr 19, 2009
    Jewelry Savings Plan - paid for nothing
    Jewelry Savings Plan
    United States

    i ordered a ring and two free gifts it was only supposed to charge for the shipping and handling right?
    well i still havent received my product i have emailed them several times and got nothing back from
    them, and when i check my order its always uner a different order number and it hasnt been mailed yet.
    i have printed out everything and my card was charged sdo how do i go about getting my money back.
    if you could help ne i would really be thankful.

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  • Ms
      Jul 26, 2009
    Jewelry Savings Plan - Account debited received nothing
    Jewelry Savings Plan
    United States

    I ordered the ring and it was ok for $4.99 and noticed that it was a monthly deal that could be canceled at any time. Well I intended to cancel but didn't so the next month my checking account was debited $29.98 and it was the day before payday so it put me into overdraft...that made me angry but I blamed myself for not canceling. Well that was on 7/7 and still haven't received any more jewelry. I have emailed them numerous times, cannot find a phone number for them and have had absolutey no luck getting a response from these jerks.

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  • Ch
      Jul 26, 2009

    Poor little me . I got SCAMMED because I can't read the TERMS OF SERVICE. I just love to get jewelry through the mail every month because there are NO stores LOCALLY that has any jewelry that I like. I also like buying a "pig in the poke", sight unseen, because I just KNOW it will be MUCH better quality than ANYTHING I can get LOCALLY.

    I also just LOVE to serf the internet and give out my credit information to a website I never heard of before. This is the MOST fun thing a stupid person, such as myself, can EVER do.

    Another most fun thing to do is to answer the ads I see and hear on TV & RADIO.
    I love the weight loss pills, buying houses for $400.00, buying all my beauty products, getting my credit card balances reduced, getting my mortgage reduced down to near nothing, the get-rich-quick schemes, (I am now rich), the penis pills for my husband or boyfriend, and thousands of other products that I just can't live without. I have a great life because I am ME

    A fool and his or her money are soon parted...SO TRUE.

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  • He
      Sep 29, 2009
    Jewelry Savings Plan - Robbed
    Jewelry Savings Plan
    United States

    I ordered the "free" family ring which was billed as high quality. It was a piece of junk. After I recieved it, I got online (there are no phone numbers on their site or their shipping info) and sent 4 cancellations for any further shipments. I got no responses to any of the cancellations. Then, 3 weeks ago, my credit card was billed @$30 for a "future" shipment. I got the telephone number from my credit card company and called. The representative looked up my file and stated that not only was I lying about sending the e-cancellations but that the only way to cancel was by calling the number on the shipping slip. I told her there WAS NO number on the slip and I wanted my account credited and wanted nothing else from their company. She said the order had not been shipped and she would stop it from going out and credit my card within 7 days. I came home today, after having emergency heart surgery, and found that the credit was not given. I called again and was told that I would not get my credit until this month's shipment, which supposedly left 2 weeks ago, was returned. I spoke with a supervisor who offered to return the charges to my account in a few weeks. Do not get started with this company. I've contacted the BBB, my state's Attorney General and my private attorney. I've also contacted my bank so they will refuse any further charge requests from this company.

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  • To
      Jun 16, 2010

    Me too! any resolution to this? Wells fargo will not return the money taken from me

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