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JetSpeed Records / Corry Tyler/courtland tyler

1 1211 horn apt 404Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 818 720 9000

Corry Tyler/ Courtland Tyler/ Courtland Weinberg

He changes his names because he is hiding he lives in west Hollywood ca 1211 HORN APT 404 number [protected]

This Man has scammed and conned tones of money from workers and bands a like. if you are offered a job with this man for an assistant position run fast!!! he will tell you that your going to work with music related things (he owns a busted down record Label) check it out he has tones of law suits against him for multiple scams. he will constantly lie and try to pay you with checks that of course bounce he only pays cash and never on time leavening you with bills to pay and they will always be late. He will have you only work with coins in which he fraudulently marks with higher grades then makes you try to sell them to coin shops and that could put you in huge trouble with the feds. Trust me this man is a shark he will tell you he has connects to people if you are an actress (he only hires females) he will lie and lie saying he knows agents and managers. if you are homosexual watch out he will slander your orientation, he will talk about past employees and talk nothing but ### about them when in fact he has ruined theirs lives and they had to get out. please head my words all i want to do is warn you please get out do not work for this man he will ruin your financial situations and your life.

he treats you like a child and is extremely unprofessional, he already has about three restraining order against him

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