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Jessica Horton is a local realtor who sends out attractive post cards to residents in my over-55 community. She touts herself and the #1 salesperson for our Del Webb establishment. I am a senior citizen who lives alone and became a victim of Jessica Horton's hype.

She promised to sell my home quickly. She told me my asking price was too low and that I should raise it. I responded that I desired a quick sale.

During the 3 months she has had my listing, Ms. Horton has come up with a myriad of excuses for her failure to sell my home. She said my carpet was not fresh and must be replaced; so it was removed and I paid for new carpet throughout the house. Then she said that a flooring allowance would have been more attractive to prospective buyers.

The excuses have been many; results have been nonexistent. Her latest excuse was that there was a dent in the stainless steel refrigerator door. Of course. that is not true. She told me that the dent was a dealbreaker and that everyone who had seen my house commented on that dent. I have pictures showing the refrigerator (as well as every single room, wall, and appliance in the entire home). There is no dent; the home has been professionally cleaned, pressure-washed, patched and painted. All these things I did and paid for at her urging.

As I was a first-time seller and lived alone, I also did not know that signing an exclusive listing agreement with a realtor who did not belong to the MLS was unwise. When I checked with other local realtors, I was told that Mrs. Horton is the only real estate agent in the state of Georgia who requires an exclusive agreement with clients.

I checked with other residents in Sun City Peachtree who had, at one time, Jessica Horton Real Estate signs in their front yards. I was told horror stories! Several had been harassed by Mrs. Horton and her husband after they indicated dissatisfaction with her unprofessional behavior AND failure to sell their homes.

One former resident had to call the local sheriff, who went to the Horton home and filed a "cease and desist" report against them.

It then came to light that Jason Horton, who had answered my phone calls as his wife's representative and given me advice as to selling my home, is a convicted felon and was not supposed to have been inside our homes. Mr. Horton spent two years in the state penitentiary form breaking and entering with a firearm. He is by law banned from entering a private residence unless invited in. I asked Mrs. Horton about this and she agreed that it was true.

Prior to all this, Mr. Horton called me one day and cursed at me for asking about something with the house. He screamed at me that he "didn't need my "[censored]" and wouldn't take any [censored] from anyone. He said that i should take my ball and go home, which I will gladly do as soon as my attorney has gotten me out of this "exclusive agreement"

Jessica Horton has emailed and texted me derogatory messages, all of which I have kept. I have filed formal complaints with the Georgia Real Estate Commission, the head of Marketing and Membership of the Georgia Multiple Listing Services, and the Head of Marketing with Pulte Homes.

It is my desire to prevent this woman and her husband from victimizing anyone else.

Feb 7, 2015
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      26th of May, 2015

    Jessica Horton was my Broker (I was an agent) several years ago, and I see she hasn't changed one bit; she was a liar and scam artist then, as she obviously is now. I honestly don't think she can change, since she seems to be a classic text book Sociopath. Regardless of how bad she screws a person, it's always their fault; and easily justified by her. She's been sued before, and I'm sure she'll be sued again.

    Jessica owes me about $20, 000 plus seven years of interest on that balance; she will never pay it. The most pathetic part of what she did is the fact that she took full advantage of me going to Iraq in 2008, and Afghanistan in 2009. She shouldn't even be licensed as a Broker. She's a truly despicable person.

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  • 11
      30th of Aug, 2015

    i agree with this review. Jessica Horton was my real estate agent for 3 months in 2014 before I hired an attorney and fired her. She is unscrupulous, unprofessional, threatening, and insulting. Her ex-con husband (Google Jason Horton) screamed and cursed at me when i asked a question about carpeting. It was as if he just lost it!! i had said nothing objectionable; just asked a question!

    Jessica, on the other hand, lies, is into character assassination to excuse her behavior. Remember, I WAS THE CLIENT! Google her name to see her weird, incredibly personal, rambling rebuttals to all complaints. She attacks realtors as well. She is not a realtor...only an agent. It is my understanding that local professional realtors will not work with her due to her lack of professionalism.

    I DO NOT recommend this business.

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