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We are a coalition of parents that have been harmed and robbed by Jennifer Graves Borcherding as far back as 2007. COntact the governer, the bar, anyone - Here are just SOME of our stories.

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. She was a terrible GAL. When I brought my children to meet her she said it was inappropriate that she didn't need to meet with them. She did not listen to my side of the story in regards to their best interest but she gladly took as much money as she could. My ex-husband was found guilty of child abuse and she still saw fit to advise joint custody. Terrible!

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. This GAL needs to STOP representing children . She is NOT in the best interest of a child. She fully supports dead beat fathers who do not care about their children or pay for. She finds it necessary to speak to a third party. When given proof she ignores it and will BOLD FACE LIE to a Judge. She's miserable in her own life that she some how feels justified to punish innocent children and families. She Does NOT know what is in the best interest of a child because she has NO CHILDREN OF HER OWN!!! So how would you know what a child needs or wants! She's never had to show proof to a Judge they are suppose believe an attorney but when a ROGUE GAL she needs to be looked into. I will make every effort to follow thru to have her disbarred as GAL. she needs to be brought out into the public and to the Bar Association to be stopped.

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. Please look this Rogue GAL up first and continue your search to a different lawyer one that is NOT biased and a Rogue. All she is worried about is looking good to a Judge by lying and NOT doing her job as a GAL. She has been given several documents to research and check into and has failed to do so. If you do show her in black n white the proof she will twist it pick it apart and still accuse you of things that are not true. She will NOT talk to the child's mother but she finds it ok to speak to a third party who has many issues. She will not and did not speak to any family members of the child but will speak with the third party. She has been involved in illegally stealing a child twice and never checked the living cobditions and the harm the child has to endure. She's more worried about money and her prestige NOT the child's best interest. She didn't find it necessary to sit in a child's principals depo fôr her on client but found it ok to be at the third parties depo. Both sides wer

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. She should not be allowed to be a GAL. The only Thing she cares about is charging a ton of money and protecting abusers!!! She does not care about the innocent children. I feel her cases should be looked at by a third party to make certain she in offering an unbiased opinion.

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. She was too busy with her own social life to represent me adequately. Constantly worried about her own image than my interests. In a year that she represented me, probably spent 2 days worth of work on my case. I would not recommend hiring her unless you would like to give everything to your ex and be left on your own.

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. As a father attempting to gain custody, I felt I was in for an uphill battle from the start. I was then even further concerned when Jennifer was assigned to my

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. Rude and threatening. Fees outragous! Threatens dismissal at every

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. Unimpressive GAL. Allowed ex-wife to control kids. When ex-wife refused to bring kids in for second visit, she allowed herself to be bullied. The GAL fees were over $10, 000.

Jennifer Graves Borcherding. Highly incompetent GAL who should be removed from representing children.

Feb 01, 2017
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    We could not agree more! A coalition of parents DOES need to come together and do something. A number of attorneys I've spoken with refuse to work with her any longer - they describe her as "difficult, " "uncaring, " "incompetent, " a "know-it-all" (who doesn't have kids herself, by the way), and worst of all, "the type of GAL that they (the attorneys I talked to) have disqualified immediately" if she ends up being recommended for any of their cases. Look her up online - she has the worst reputation as a GAL and attorney that I've found and everyone says the exact same things: she has zero interest in the children she supposedly "represents" and she only cares about money. I honestly have no idea what would happen to someone who couldn't afford to pay her fees - she threatens to have them held in contempt, to throw out their pleadings, to recommend the other parent for sole custody, just because someone who's already paying thousands for a divorce may not be able to pay thousands more for Jennifer Borcherding to do nothing. It's a corrupt racket and someone needs to put an end to it before this woman hurts more children and families. It breaks my heart that this GAL is actually allowed to represent the best interests of children in any domestic matter when she can't even be bothered to meet the children she represents. We've paid her more than $8, 000 so far and, after a year+, she still hasn't met my children, she has spoken to me one time for a total of one hour, she's refused to follow through on any matters which could have a profound affect on my case, and she's had absolutely no compassion for my children OR their best interests. Jennifer Borcherding has NO BUSINESS being a GAL and after reviewing the (very limited) guidelines demanded by GALs in MO, I can't believe that she hasn't been disqualified already! Has anyone questioned why she requires payments to be made directly to her personally and not to her law firm, Sievers & Associates? This is a GAL who bases her decisions solely on which attorneys she's better friends with and which ones she goes to drinks with most often. Shame on MO Family Courts for letting this incompetent and unqualified GAL work with children in any capacity. But, most of all, SHAME on Jennifer Borcherding. In all seriousness, if you're going through a divorce or a custody issue or any other matter which might involve a GAL, think about every terrifying nightmare scenario you've had about the whole process and how it could adversely affect your kids, the worst you can possibly imagine - if Jennifer Borcherding ends up being your child's GAL, and you can be sure your worst fears will most definitely come true. But don't take my word for it - do a quick Google search and you'll find out for yourself just what an unprofessional, biased, and corrupt person she really is.

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      Aug 06, 2017

    I can understand where all these complaints are coming from. Although I have not worked with her on a professional level, I have had numerous encounters with her personally outside of work. I can confirm that the lack of character, honesty, and common sense are definitely flaws that are obvious when dealing with her outside of work too. She has no regard for right or wrong, but has always only been concerned with anything or anyone that serves her best interests. She is the perfect stereotype of a lying attorney. She cannot be trusted.

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