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Jeff Salamon / Mail delivery

1 Stamford, CT, United States

Jeffrey Salamon is a big fat ugly stupid Jew who works for the post office and cant deliver a single parcel on time. He lacks a college degree and even has missing teeth.!

Is way too Jewish and discriminates against Christians. Has angiant fat gut which makes it hard for him to see what he is doing especially on the computer or with a package.

3 out of 9 parcels containing Christmas gifts were not delivered on time or were lost. Jeffrey also managed to lose a certified mail receipt least twice. He did not deliver my shaving supplies from Harrys and has stolen checks from law firms for class action settlements. He is a thief and a liar. When complaints arise he resolves them by contacting the Postal Inspector because he loses most investigations.

Fat because he has a giant gut and missing teeth. Stupid because he didnt even graduate high school. Ugly because his face is deformed like a cancer. Jew because he is of Jewish descent and hurts people who are of other religions. Racist because he is a fat incompetent @sshole.

Jeff Salamon

Nov 16, 2016

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