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JDS Innovative Home Concepts / Beware

1 TX, United States Review updated:

Beware JDS Innovative Home Concepts. Ask owner Joseph Santarelli
about all his bankruptcies, and all the cutomers and sub-
contractors he ripped off while doing business in N.J. as
Santarelli Construction.Google Joseph Santarelli
or Santarelli Construction To see all the complaints against
him and his former company. Do some research.Don't get


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  • Da
      26th of Mar, 2012
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    I am having the same experienced described above. "JDS" is just one guy operating as an LLC. Google Joseph Santarelli and Joseph Santarelli Luxury Homes for a preview of what to expect. He says all the right things and starts off strong. But disintegrates into showing true colors: lazy, no accountability, sends unsupervised laborers to home, accepts no responsibility for damage and theft by subs and their laborers, chronic project "mistakes" and non-conforming work and materials due to sloppy disorganization (prides himself on making decisions "on the fly"), feels free to ignore homeowner input and make unauthorized changes, modifications, installations, promises corrections but never follows through, does not comply with requirements of Texas law requiring that all amounts advanced for project expenses be maintained in a separate trust account and used exclusively for project expenses, makes no notes, declines to consult specs provided by client, very poor follow-through on most things. Seems to sincerely believe all the hype he sells about himself, but once on the job it quickly becomes clear that he is nowhere near as knowledgeable as he claims and seems to believe - maybe no exposure to people who work with integrity and produce true quality. A common catchphrases "nobody will ever know the difference" (about proposed lower quality and substandard - aka cheaper - project elements). Promises "financial transparency" but almost impossible to get him to provide any actual receipts. Fails to pay laborers, or on or near completion squeezes them to accept less than initially agreed. Sends in contractors/ laborers without necessary tools and equipment. BTW - good luck if you ever have to sue him. He has no real assets, nor does the LLC. In fact, he doesn't even own any tools or equipment, relying instead on the guys he hires to come up with tools etc. Chronically vague and hard to pin down. Rarely gives a responsive answer to inquiries, much less a detailed one. List of problems is longer, but I'll stop here.

  • Da
      6th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    UPDATE JUNE 2012 - BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!! This lying defrauding ### creates new aliases or alter egos all the time. Here are only a few of them, but they are all the same lazy lying waste of flesh out trying to part new victims from their hard-earned cash: Santarelli Luxury Homes, Santarelli Construction, JDS Innovative Home Concepts, Joseph Santarelli Home Builders,, -These are only a few of the various entity names he hides behind to avoid any liability, along with having no findable assets and living in his live-in girlfriend's house so as to have nothing his ripped off clients can get to... changes cars more often than most people change clothing, has no business/ office address, no real employees, no long-standing relationships w any contractors (he chronically doesn't pay subs/ contractors - keeps "fouling his nest", so he keeps having to find new ones) even tho his online descriptions of his "business" his self-description makes him sound like some big sophisticated multinational business - HA! What a joke. All entirely misleading. DON'T BE FOOLED. Odds are REALLY HIGH that: if he's talking, he's lying, all the while stripping away your last dime behind your back.

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