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JDM Tiger Japanese Auto Parts Ltd. / missing parts to engine

1 Lumberton, TX, United States Review updated:

I order a Twin Turbo Subaru engine from Tiger Japanese and on the website said that the engine came with the turbos and the intercooler and the piping of the intercooler also .But it took from Febuary 8 to the 22 to get my engine and then I was the Intercooler and the piping to it.Tiger said that it was not suppose to have the parts .But you check the web site and it says it is.I would not have bought the engine without the intercooler and piping.They just pull the intercooler off the website the listing now.I was going to buy more engines if it had worked out .I guess this is a good thing that happened now not when I bought more engines their lose also.

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  • Ji
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I am Jimmy, I was missing the Intercooler and the piping to the intercooler, I would not have bought the engine if I had known about the way this company was run .They took off the intercooler It was on the website under details.I have to go buy a intercooler kit with the piping now .They are good at deception.They will get what is coming to them !!!

  • Sp
      28th of Sep, 2010
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    tiger has done the same to me about the inter cooler and pipes but the motor was shot had 50psi compression and there manager mike lied to me about the condition of the motor now i have two motors that need rebuild and still no car to drive and now I'm out 2200.00 dollars and still haven't got my inter cooler yet that i paid a extra 150.00 for!!!

  • Es
      27th of Oct, 2010
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    I respond here, with regard to Tiger JDM Auto Parts LTD, so that people on the net doing their research on this company DO NOT make the same mistake I made. DO NOT buy from Tiger, they have the absolute worse warranty/return/exchange policy you will ever encounter. In my opinion, it is borderline fraudulent. You cannot speak with a representative over the phone with regard to a warranty claim, instead, you have to file a form on their website and it takes FOREVER for them to respond if at all. I purchased a Mitsubishi 4G63T engine from them and it became evident that they do not inspect or check a damn thing despite what their website claims. This engine is well known to suffer from crankwalk and anyone with any mechanical knowledge would realize that the engine is no good. You would think a company that deals with engines all day long would know this. I believe they knowingly sent me a crankwalked engine and know I have very little recourse in the matter. My advice to anyone and everyone seeking a JDM engine, DO NOT buy from Tiger. There are many other importers out there that have a much better record.

  • En
      20th of Mar, 2012
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    I bought a subaru engine from these guys. the driver side head had a crack in it and leaked antifreeze. I sent them pictures and they said it was normal. I wanted to get another engine and they said I would have to pay 200 dollars to ship the old one back and then after an evaluation they would determine whether or not they would ship a replacement. I made a claim and it took so long to get a response that the initial exchange perior had expired and I had to deal with their warranty. I decided that since the engine ran pretty well, that I would replace the head instead of shipping the old engine back and taking my chances on another problem engine. tiger agreed to reimburse me the cost for the head and gaskets. I spent the money and submitted an invoice to them. Several weeks went by and I noticed my claim had been closed. I contacted them and checked on the status and they said they did not receive my invoice. I sent it again. now they want original copies of the parts bills, of which i only have the monthly statements since it has been a couple months. It seems like they do everything they can to procrastinate and not honor their commitments. Our company has installed hundreds on JDM engines and we have never had any issues that weren't resolved quickly and painlessly. Tiger had a good price on this subaru engine and I thought it would be a good deal. I will only deal with my local JDM guys in the future and I recommend that anybody reading this only deal with a local reputable company. I would rather be able to return the engine myself rather have all this hassle. I agree with the previous poster about the lack of inspection of these engines. Please let our trouble be a learning experience for future buyers, don't make the same mistake.

  • Tk
      7th of Aug, 2014
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    2014-08-01 4:05 pm Case Open Claim Filed
    2014-08-01 4:13 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    sent pictures and video at
    2014-08-01 4:17 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    sent pictures and video at
    2014-08-01 4:41 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    can you please send a picture to thanks
    2014-08-01 5:07 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    emailed at
    2014-08-02 1:56 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    unwrapped the whole thing and didn't find the starter. Missing also Bolts that mounts tranny to engine, bolts not a big deal. but need starter. Emailed pictures at and Hope to get an answer ASAP.
    2014-08-02 2:14 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    Missing also Bolts that mounts tranny to engine, bolts not a big deal. but need starter
    2014-08-02 5:02 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    Forgot to mention broken throttle position sensor, will need new Throttle Body with not broken or missed Sensor. Picture was emailed 2014-08-01 4:17 pm
    2014-08-05 3:34 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    Ok found one more problem, as long as engine was originally from car with automatic tranny it does not have hole in intake for IAC. I'm not going to Fix all of this things. I want Full refund. I'm returning the whole thing!!! Emailed pictures
    2014-08-05 3:39 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    I want full refund. unless i'm gonna get replacement Engine and transmission mounted on it, with all working parts, not broken sensors (that was originally from manual car as advertised*) by end of this week.
    2014-08-05 4:39 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    Sensors and plastic or Fragile are not cover by our limited warranty.
    2014-08-05 4:41 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    But if you wish to return it back. here is your return authorization No. 4607TZ
    2014-08-05 4:42 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    Ok, My point is that you sent me engine that came out of auto trans car. I need my engine from manual car. open your ad on your website, it says - distributor - starter - throttle body Included
    2014-08-05 4:43 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    yes im sending it back. where do i go with that number?
    2014-08-05 4:51 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    please sent back to: JDM Tiger Auto Parts : 112 Sinnott Rd. Toronto Ontario M1L 4S6 Canada. please note any other expansive or labur or shipping cost are not cover by our limited warranty. you can visit our warranty section at thanks and sorry for hassle.
    2014-08-05 5:13 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    As I talked with you on the phone, you will keep the engine if we send you the Starter, Distributor Cap and the Throttle body. I will check this with our warehouse and will notify you shortly.
    2014-08-05 5:14 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    Thank you Mike!
    2014-08-06 11:36 am Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    Some one will call you for shipping. as soon the parts are ready for shipping
    2014-08-07 4:55 pm Tiger Replied JDM Tiger Japanese Comment:
    The parts are ready to be ship. please call 1888 664 6618 and ask for Zabi at ext. 26 to pay for the shipping $70 Thanks
    2014-08-07 5:16 pm Customer Replied Customer Comment:
    ###ing worst customer service ever. Will post that on every website that i will find. Send me my ###ing starter and close that "rip-off claim".

    Total RIP OFF!!! Asked them to put all missing parts into Mikes ###.

  • Zs
      24th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Bought a nissan xterra engine, had to switch every piece on the engine to make it work, basically down to bare block, even the oil pan was different. so much for buying a vehicle specific engine, so 5 hrs of switching one to the other, we install the engine, crank it up, and the motor knocks!... you've got to be kidding me!!!.. stay far far far away from this company, they are crooks

  • Ch
      26th of Dec, 2014
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  • Lr
      28th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

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