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Financial advisor sold us on this Limited Partnership (Jaymor Investments) based on receiving tax write offs on the loan for the investment and a great return normally in a few years after when the property is sold.
Now I am being told the property (Lighthouse Pointe ..Florida) is being foreclosed and I cannot understand that they took all our money to purchase this property and lose it...and their website has shown that it is fully subscribed inwhich I believed to be financially
solid to ride out this economic downturn until the property could be sold. I am now on the hook for a lot of money in my retirement.
The OSC states they have no control over this type of investment ???????
How can companies (investment/advisor's) get away with selling these products and not be held accountable?

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  • Do
      18th of Aug, 2011

    I am also a investor in Lighthouse Pointe with Jaymor and have to say that your comment is slanderous. I invested $50, 000 and thru tax deductions and cash distributions I received $40, 000 + dollars back which I applied to my line of credit therefore only owe $10, 000 what did you do with your money? I am not happy to see what happened at Lighthouse either but the fact of the matter is the entire US was devastated economically property values, rental income and heavy unemployment all came at the same time for the local economy. After much time investigating what happened and talking to Jaymor I have concluded that they exhausted all possible avenues to save the property. I think your bigger issue is with the sales person. The reason the OSC can't help you is because Jaymor did nothing wrong. and certainly didn't steal your money! I have other properties with Jaymor that are performing very well. Hope this info helps you feel better.

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  • Re
      29th of Aug, 2011

    I used the calculation of minus the interest payments made from my tax refund which left very little to pay down the line of credit and did not receive any cash distributions.

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  • Xy
      29th of Aug, 2011

    Treats customers like mushrooms, they keep customers in the dark (no feedback ever) and then, finally, they feed them ### (Lighthouse foreclosure).
    This is truly a limited partneship where they never asked their customers for possible help in the foreclosure discussions.
    I think a class action suit is in order.

    Your thoughts and feedback.

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  • Ju
      24th of Mar, 2019

    @XYZ111 Hi, I agree with you. We r on the same boat. We need to do something. It s a lot of money.

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  • Di
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    Retire, I have invested with Jaymor and in other Limited Partnerships over the years. You stated your "Financial Advisor" sold you the product. Perhaps you'd better cry to him (or her). I am sure there was a Prospectus or Offering Memorandum document which we all acknowledge receipt of when making an investment. READ IT ! It will explain what it was you invested in and the risks associated. It will also tell you how much your "advisor" earned as a commission ! Keep up on the news as well...Florida has been tanking for 3 years ! And to XYZ111, what sort of "help" would customers/investors offer ? More money to pay off the mortgage ? Good luck with your class action suit...Lawyers would be pleased to take it on I am sure, then after billing the snot out of you, will you what you probably signed ! My advice...Buy Gold and Silver and keep smiling !

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  • Di
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    Last line of post should read " WILL SHOW YOU WHAT YOU PROBABLY SIGNED " sorry...

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  • Up
      15th of Apr, 2015

    I am a multiple investor with Jaymor. One of the LP properties, Crosswinds in Houston, TX did not produce a refinancing cheque of $10, 000.00+ which was promised by the sales agent (a Becksley Capital employee). This company does not address complaints or return e-mails. I do not understand how any of these properties could have foreclosed, or foreclose in the future. They have offered a final payout of $2, 000.00 to investors for a property that cost $40, 000, after stating that the original amount would be returned upon final sale. I don't understand how they can expect investors to lose these large sums of money. Going back to "dicktheinvestor", it appears that this person must be an employee of Jaymor, who else would so vehemently support this company? His calculated figures are incorrect, the investor will be shortchanged even more. I URGE OTHER INVESTORS TO CONTACT THE OMBUDSMAN AND FILL OUT A SIMPLE COMPLAINT FORM. Please also take the time to send a complaint on this forum, so as to show all the other investors that there are many of us unhappy. "RETIRE" and "XYZ111" are both correct in their statements. A future Class Action suit may be appropriate. Jaymor, where has all the money gone?

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  • De
      18th of Apr, 2017

    @Upset Investor I have lost on two investments with Jaymor. Can anyone tell me if they know of a law firm that is doing a class action suit? Any information on what you have uncovered would be very helpful, as I am just in the investigation stage of this mess.

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  • Ib
      9th of Mar, 2018

    @Upset Investor Any news on a class action? I too was duped out of 150, 000K on Regency. These people are criminal!

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  • Bl
      9th of Jun, 2015

    stoney point -another one of they're offerings
    -$2000 cheque offered upon foreclosure--they did all that they could investing they're money to salvage...
    no -one could have predicted 2008-
    many other successful properties attracted me...just bad timing thats all...
    I knew the risks...sounds too good to be true ...probably is ...went against that and bought twice...
    it is painful, i can't really afford the losses ..
    gotta keep moving...spillled milk ...

    anyone really aware of crosswinds status now ?
    truly need this one doing well
    blue collar guy ...

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  • Di
      7th of Jul, 2015

    "Going back to "dicktheinvestor", it appears that this person must be an employee of Jaymor, who else would so vehemently support this company?"
    Sorry. Am not employee of these folks. Your post appears over three years after my last post here. All I am suggesting is you should read all the Offering Docs you ultimately signed. We would all be pissing away more money for legal action. Unless a FRAUD can be proven, there will be no success. Why don't ask your planner what happened ?

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  • Th
      30th of Mar, 2016

    I have invested 32000.00 in jaymor regency since 2009, according to the contract I would get 4 percent yearly . I did not get any interest except for the first year appro ...1000.00. In January 2016 I received a letter from Jaymor that all my 32000.00 r r s p is gone.Please read this before invest in jaymor before you become the same fate as me.

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  • Ti
      15th of Aug, 2016

    I also lost the entire amount invested in The Regency in 2009 and no dividends or other disbursements were ever paid to me in the 7 years I held the investment. Jaymor and my financial planner sold me on the fact that the US housing market had already crashed in 2008-2009, and that buying affordable, multi-unit dwellings at such a low point in the cycle would be a fairly safe investment. It is very difficult to comprehend how this investment is completely gone, and what troubles me more is the fact that Jaymor has not offered any explanation or the slightest communication. As a customer, this is quite disappointing.

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  • Jo
      1st of Nov, 2016

    Jaymor Group investments are a scam. Invested in Stoney Brook and Crosswinds. The offer on Stoney Brook was the $2000 on the original 40, 000 invested in 2015. Hardly enough to cover the line of credit from an "advisor" from BMO. We were suppose to take the money returned and pay down the line of credit. But hard to do when those interest only monthly payments have to be made. This connection of investors will lose our shirts on this deal. Local representative from Becksley Capital is also in on the deal. Yes we received some refinancing cheques on the Stoney deal. None on the Crosswinds deal. We did get some tax savings over the multiple years (five total). We will still loose on this. Latest October "newsletter" came out basically warning us we will see little return back on our initial $40, 000 for Stoney Brook. They apparently had the right to sell the property without even showing the LLP the newest deal or was it basically the 2015 deal dressed in a new outfit.

    We should get the other investors who are loosing big on this together on a class action lawsuit. I believe with some forensic accounting by a legal law firm we will see a money laundering scam in some form. Yes we all did sign those documents without really knowing what we signed by the promise of big returns in 5-7 years. Sound familiar?

    I think there is a lawyer currently in a legal action against Jaymor, the Local representative from Becksley and the BMO financial advisor/banker. The Ontario Ombudsmen is definitely were everyone should start. Next stop should be find out who the legal firm is and see if a class action is feasible. Check out Jaymore website they now have the 100 million investment fund to buy distressed Jaymor properties. Does this sound familiar. If that does not scream Ponzi scam, get new money to buy into our financial distressed property that we apparently own in only a "limited liability partnership".

    Band together while we still have a chance. This is a rotten deal that we all were hoodwinked into buying!

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  • Ed
      18th of Dec, 2016

    @John Jaymor victim Hi,

    I lost as well over $20, 000 dollars, is someone taken action in Canada? Because if so, I would like to know more


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  • St
      30th of Jan, 2017

    @John Jaymor victim it looks like I may have lost money too as they seem to be stringing me along.
    I have receive no interest or payment of any kind since April 1016

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  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2017

    @John Jaymor victim I invested $30, 000 dollars on Osprey Landing project at 2009, and I have receive no interest or payment of any kind till now (July 2017). I called them couple of times, they keep saying the property has not been sold, and they do not know when it will be listing.
    I believe Jaymor is liar, and I would like to join the law suite to Jaymor if there is one.

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  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2017

    @John Jaymor victim Here is one link related to Jaymor law suite.

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  • Pa
      25th of Mar, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    You should run from your advisor. This scam was outed many years ago. Fortunately I got all my money back when I advised them I was reporting them to the authorities. One has to assume your advisor made big money when he sold you this...20%. they sold you a bill of goods...nothing less than the sales pitch i got...the tax write offs dont do anything for you, but bilk the Canadian government for money that Fab, and his sales agents suck up..Forget the tax write offs, where is the gain you promised...up in smoke with he jaymour group

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  • Lu
      31st of May, 2018

    I also am a victim of Jaymor Investments in which I lost $40, 000 after investing $50, 000 US. In reading all these complaints it appears that Jaymor has a way of taking advantage of hardworking people and continue living the high life on our hard earning money. I really hope something will be done to stop them. I could have used that money in my current retirement. What a bunch of crooks.

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  • Ax
      2nd of Aug, 2018

    I was victim of a similar investment scheme by a company called Concrete Equities. It made legal history because the LPs banded together and replaced the GP. They managed to obtain some recovery and, more importantly, set a precedent for replacing a fraudulent GP. Though most partnership agreements make provision for this possibility, it's difficult to accomplish because most LPs typically don't know each other. In this case one LP was able to compel the GP to provide the list of LPs, at the threat of legal action if he refused, which got the ball rolling. Have you checked the provision in the partnership or purchase agreement for calling a meeting between the LPs and GP?

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  • Di
      14th of Aug, 2018

    The above link refers to the Concrete Equities scheme and "results" per Mr Dyckerhoff. As to the rights of LP investors, if you provide a written demand to the GP, they have to provide an investor list. If not, report to CRA and they will compel GP to provide...

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