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I thought I would add a note for any unsuspecting people who are employing this criminal for development of any form.
Jason Mills of San Francisco, California is a scammer. He will ask for a deposit (and shy away from escrow services), and then he will steal your money. I learned this the hard way when I hired him for a $2500 project. I sent him a $1000 deposit at the beginning.

To get your work, he will show an impressive portfolio that claims that he did work for businesses such as IsoHunt. Once you send the deposit, he will constantly have excuses. His first excuse is that he's been very sick. I have also heard that he has used excuses involving scenarios such as car accidents and family illnesses.
As soon as the period in which you can open a buyer dispute with PayPal ends, he will stop making contact altogether. He would simply ignore my emails, phone calls, and so on. I have been in contact with someone who had $3000 stolen by Jason Mills, and there are many more I have noticed around the internet. I can attach my initial chat with him before accepting him as a developer.

Please note that he claims to have worked on IsoHunt, which I highly doubt he had anything to do with. The owner claims to not know who he is. His entire resume is bogus. I then paid $1000 to his PayPal, and have yet to be refunded.
Please note he didn't even provide a service of any sort - I received no work from him whatsoever. I can post the chats via Skype where he explains why he hadn't been able to do anything if needed. As soon as the PayPal buyer dispute period ended, he stopped making contact with me altogether. $1000 payment made 05/02/15 to [protected] Jason currently works for Integra in Vancouver, Washington.

I urge these professionals to fire him immediately. He claims to earn $100/year but both him and his "wife" Sara Elizabeth Mangus (who also has a history of scamming, drug abuse, being incarcerated in a mental hospital, attempted murder, and so on...) currently collect food stamps through the Portland, Oregon Government via food benefits and Snap which also gives them free iphones, and so on. You can view all of this documented on Sara's public twitter page @queeninthenorth and on her tumblr page: Additionally, Sara has strangers donate money to her (⇄ and Jason has strangers donate to him for their "honeymoon": These two are scam artists and are looking at a lengthy prison sentence for food stamp fraud. I only hope I can join in on the court case and sue them for money owed, the same goes for everyone else they've scammed.

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May 7, 2017
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