Jaquline Jones the momentum company / SCAM STEAL FUNDS

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Dear All
Do not touch this company for funding.there connected to KKPR consultants llc
They ask you for upfront fees and say they can fund your project.
They will steal your funds like they stole mine.

Please do NOT touch them are you will be burnt.
You have been warned.

Feb 9, 2015
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  • Ja
      9th of Feb, 2015

    This is completely untrue. We have no affiliation with the aforementioned companies. We are seeking civil litigation against Phil and KKPR Consulting. We have asked Phil and KKPR not to contact us and both parties insist on contracting us. We have never received a dime from Phil and we have never seen his deal, nor have we been retained to underwrite his transaction for insuring any debt. Phil has even resorted to blackmail claiming that if we didn't pay him for his deal with KKPR, he was going to go on the Internet and accuse us of a scam.

    We are regulated by the insurance industry and we DO NOT fund deals. W have never made such claim. Phil has even emailed me apologizing for verbally abusing my email and for associating us with KKPR.

    We have reported KKPR and Phil to the FBI and Interpol.

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  • Ir
      10th of Feb, 2015

    There connected to KKPR thats enough for me.
    KKPR scam people and KKPR told me to pay 50k to them for my loan.

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  • Ja
      9th of Jan, 2017

    The Momentum Company based in Atlanta is a SCAM. RK Neely and Vince Napper have charges a mile long. CBS 46 exposed them already.

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  • Ex
      22nd of Sep, 2017

    In 2012, Vincent Napper of FII Capital convinced me over a period of time to wire him $2500 for consultant fees, Then he took $25K from me without a blink, then stop communications with me after I told him to give me back my money, was suppose to fund at least $3Million... this is now September 22, 2017. His scam was that he had at least $250Million plus of US Treasuries or Investment Grade Fixed Income portfolio at Stern and Agee. He convinced this broker to give him a line of credit but he never provided the collateral to back it. But before that, he convinced me to open a brokerage account with Stern and Agee but the account was never funded after I wired him $25K. This guy is unreal how he can keep taking peoples money with no conscious. And if you read this bro you can contact me ... my number don't change because I'm not out scaming people.


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