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One of the worst builder I have seen in my life. They build this building without sweage line and no water in bore. The builder have handed over this project incomplete. issues are
1) STP is of inadquate capacity (we have 153 flats but STP servers only 40 flats) on asking him for upgradation the builder "Jeevan" Says that he has NOC. and the NOC has been bought by builder.
2) while hand over. non of the bore well was working so we need to buy water in tanker.
3) many floors are broaken
4) many flats has leakage in bathroom from upper flat and builder is not taking care.
5) main gate is not made properly.
6) sold all open spaces after marking it as parking (Open parking).
7) fire system is not installed properly. no thick pipe has been given to any floor.
8) he promoted one tanker owner to stay in flat and make money by disturning our pump and STP.
9) Leakage in swemming pool.
many other issue.
Please think 100 times before buying Janhavi's flat. get it reviewed by any Janhavi's shelters flat owners.

Mar 11, 2013
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  • Se
      Mar 11, 2013

    Totally agree..

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  • Im
      Apr 01, 2017

    I am writing this with very much frustration in my mind. I live in Block B, room - 507. The manager Dharmendra is a very rude person and he has made our living worse in this apartment. He insulted me in front of everyone just because i was not wearing swimming suit to the swimming pool. People park their vehicles in my parking lot all the time, when complaint about it, the manager Dharmendra simply ignored my complaint. My owner is a cool person and disapprove such behavior from manager. Is their anyone sitting on the other side reading this email can take action, plz advise. This is frustrating and devastating.

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  • Im
      Nov 05, 2018
    Janhavi Shelters - Building Manager, Dharmendra

    This person behaves like a total jerk. He insulted me & my wife in front of everyone in the building. My owner is so supportive, however its really tough to live in this apartment with a manager like Dharmendra.

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