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I recenlty hire realty animatation to do some video animation and boy they screwed up the job.
First they ask me 1000 dollar up front which I agreed to. But I said I will pay 25% advance and than depending on the work stage which is industry standard by the way.
They said yes after saying me know I guess that want to try to get all the money at first.

Before hiring them I done my research and see some of the example of there work. Which was impressive and was happy to hire them. But when they give me the finished video I was not happy the outcome at all and I want my money back 25% as it was total boched job. Which they refuse so I lost 250 dollar. Later I did some more research and it turn out they hire jane michaels and mitchell glass for video animation.

I already lost the money and was angry so I contacted jane michaels and mitchell glass and tell them whey they screwed my job. They told me they stopped working with these people as they were trying to reduce the price. So they hire some body else to do my job and save some money.

So basically they hire some body else to to do my job instead jane michaels and mitchell glass these two people because they wanted to save some more money.

I asked mitchell glass how much he is going to charge me for that job he told me 500 dollar with escrow payment I told him I already lost 250 dollar in this. Can he give me some discount. He gave me 100 dollar discount. And he did the great job. I am really happy with the job.

Now just recently hire him again for white board animation, again I am happy the way job is going.

In short dont hire rely animation for vedio animation hire. Hire mitchell glass there is his website

Nov 22, 2018
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  • Ja
      Dec 10, 2018

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