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Had appointment to adopt dog today, was excited to meet and have a dog as mine recently passed away. Confirmed apt yesterday evening to meet today at 5:30 since I had tried to go yesterday but the dog was getting surgery.

Got text today that someone adopted it yesterday already, even though I had called earlier in the weekend. Apparently I didn't sound "interested enough" when I had initially called (I don't know how to make my voice more enthusiastic on the phone apparently).

Then called back to ask about protocol for adopting and basically was told "if you're this heartbroken over a dog you're never met you're going to have a hard time in life."

WHAT?! I understand if she felt the other family was a better fit but who insults customers personalities?? And let us know other families are having appointments so I don't get my hopes up. It sounded like we were the ones who were going to get it. And to think I was going to donate $500 dollars.

Mar 21, 2017

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