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I filed a complaint with the better business bureau.
Jamie Ashwill Wilson ROBBED me of my deposit.

Jamie was very responsive when I initially contacted her to discuss getting a dog. Literally the second I gave her my deposit through paypal, she disappeared. LITERALLY. She never responded after I asked her about when to expect the puppy, never sent me a contract that she promised was coming within minutes of my deposit. She literally took the money from paypal and then disappeared. I talked to a few breeders and made them aware of this "scam". They said that any reputable breeder would of course send the contract to the buyer and want to make sure communication continues.. because they care about their dogs. Clearly this is a case of a person who wants to call herself a breeder, but lacks care and compassion for her animals and only wants to make money. No reputable breeder wouldn't refund a deposit made within 24 hours because they want their dog to go to a good home. is NOT a breeder to buy from.

She took my money and then DISAPPEARED... I called, I emailed and then nothing..
OF COURSE I FELT SHE WAS A SCAM!!! I wanted to cancel. She never responded to me with that request as well.

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her "response" to my complaint:
RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : A non-refundable deposit was made via PayPal by Sarah to hold her puppy of choice. A deposit is to "HOLD" the puppy of buyer's choice until they choose their puppy at about 8 weeks of age. The deposit placed is good for up to one full year to purchase a puppy from us and the $500.00 non-refundable balance will be deducted from the total balance of the puppy. We have this posted directly on our website for everyone to read, so that they will know what is expected of the buyer and what we will provide the buyer. We had several conversations via telephone before she made her final decision. I have sent a file showing where she clearly states that she knows what she is purchasing and that she understands it's a down payment to hold the puppy of her choice. We do not refund deposits - UNLESS we are unable to provide the client with the puppy they have asked us to hold for them. In this case, we are 100% able to provide her with what she has asked us to hold for her, being we have kept the puppy on hold due to her having placed her deposit. We have not received any phone calls or emails from this buyer until now. Again, below is posted on the front page of our website. Clearly, this is a case of buyers remorse.
"We accept a $500.00 non-refundable deposit that will hold the puppy you pick until ready for placement, which is usually around 8 weeks of age. The remaining balance is due by 8 weeks of age. We will make some exceptions, however the balance must be paid in full before the puppy goes home. Checks will not be accepted as the final payment. If the puppy is not paid for by 8 weeks of age, the buyer will lose claim to their deposit. If the puppy does not pass its 6 week veterinarian check up, the buyer's deposit will be refunded or transferred to another litter".

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    UPDATE: I spoke with the owner at Butterball Bullies this evening to resolve this issue. She spent time explaining the process to me. We came to an agreement that we are both happy with. After the conversation I feel comfortable rescinding my entire statement.

Dec 24, 2014

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