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All you out there need to be very mindful of Alieu Dibba. He is a fellow who come across initially as very mellow. However, let that not fool you. He thinks he is smart than everyone else. Please my advice to you would be to stay away from his construction company. Once he gets you, its done. He is very cunning and will stop at nothing to cheat. He will lie to his teeth. The guy does not believe in God, even though he likes to dress as a Hausa-marabout. He's married 3 wives, therefore, he needed to support them with a life style
he forged cheating. There are more stories about this guy then can be written here. Just simply stay away from him.

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  • Sa
      9th of Oct, 2015

    you who ever you are and what ever your name is i dont think you know what you are talking about, Alieu Dibba is a very serious businessman who everybody whant to be like. you telling the world about what he did to you is fake, and you are scared of using your own name. i am Sarjo AF Jallow, i work for JAMA Construction for 8 years and there is no one who knows JAMA more than i do... so back off fake guy...

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  • Al
      12th of Oct, 2015


    These malicious and false comments were not from EbrimaJobarteh, but from TaphaTrawally who is residing in the USA. TaphaTrawally was a Gambian mad man who got relatively cured and travelled to the USA. He is an aggressive man who is highly rude and extremely irresponsible.He has no regardsfor rules, principlesand even contracts signed by him. If you look at his comments, he has not even stated what wrong we did to him. He is simply insulting and character assassinating with the hope of tarnishing our image. Taphatrawally did not put forward any single proof of cheating and lying to him. MrAlieuDibba’s code of dress and his way of life is entirely his business, and Tapha cannot dictate that. If TaphaTrawally was honest and sincere, why did he not use his real name? By hiding his true identity, he is the real cheat and a big liar.
    We had a two - storey building contract with TaphaTrawally. We did the design for him free of charge and constructed the building in accordance with the design and specifications. When the building was completed it was handed over to his brother who signed the certificate of practical Completion. TaphaTrawally himself signed the Final Certificate of Acceptance after the end of defects liability period. He also signed all his liabilities promising to pay within two weeks when he returned to the USA. Instead of paying us, he went to Google to spread lies about us. He owed us D55, 000.00 (accepted and signed by him) which he has still not paid.
    We also pre-financed his fencing project 100% for him. He has still not completed this payment. How could he go around trying to tarnish our image in order to avoid payment?
    The photo of the building & fence as well as all signed certificates by TaphaTrawally are attached here for your reference. The signed financial liability by Tapha himself is also attached.
    After his malicious and false accusations we had won two international awards. B.I.D International Award in Gold Category for Excellence and Business Prestige in New York 2012. This year we won the B.I.D Arch of Europe Award in Platinum Category for Business Quality in Frankfurt – Germany. See photos of award. We continue to enjoy award of contracts domestically as well as internationally. We Just completed two projects, one for UNDP and another for the World Bank under the WAAPP project.
    Please note that TaphaTrawally is not a stable man and he should not be listened to.

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