iWriterpayment incorrectly paid to writer


I wrote to you in detail - haven't heard a peek:

Your writer garyhaughton sent an ebook draft and several emails asking me to review it... See my corresponence with him.

I read a few chapters and just wasn't upto par.. Mediocre writing... I did not review the rest of the chapters - because:

1) it was not what I was wanting
2) I did not want to waste my time reading his stuff

Next time I went to iwriter - I got charged $160!!! For something I did not approve or like!!

I am suspect of this site and its motivation and intent. Its almost setup such that you are deprived of your money in 'tricky' ways. If you are genuine - I need a response and re-crediting of my account immediately.

I have hired several writers and paid them well from your site. I am now considering deleting my account with iwriter.

Please resolve this asap - my contact number, email address have all been provided to you.

Arjuna noor

Aug 03, 2017

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