Ivy Tech / staff/faculty

I've had nothing but trouble from IVTC, they have left me hanging. Twice I was supposed to have an advisor to help me with my questions and they fired both of them. (and they were very good help to me) I was left hanging when neither one of them answered for weeks on end. Then I was assigned to someone not even in that field who did a rotten job helping me and didn't know what she was doing. Then I had a teacher who was mean and talked down to me. I told her off and got into trouble. I was sanctioned twice and have a record for 5 years. in that record it states I have been in trouble for misconduct on school property. and I wasn't even on school property. All I did was defend myself against a teacher and that was considered abuse. I didn't threaten anyone, I just told them off. But that's not allowed and the Dean of Students says I should be more mature and know there are things like that I have to deal with as an adult. (talking down to me) He did tell me that he was getting his PHD. (which I didn't care to know or ask) Then I sent him a question about the sanction and he never bothered to answer it, it's been over 3 weeks. IVTC just dares you to get mad so they can sanction you about something. I've got a bad taste in my mouth from IVTC. I'd like to get that sanction erased as I've never been in trouble and I think it's a violation of my rights. I feel bombarded and overrun by IVTC.

Jan 11, 2013

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