Ivory Ellasunflower shirt

Di Nov 23, 2018 Westerly, RI

I purchased an order for a shirt on Nov 18. I found a Retail Me Not coupon code in my phone for 10% off and free shipping. Used it on my cptr and was charged shipping. I called and was told they NEVER have free shipping under $75 and code was fake (it worked ordering on my phone). Got email 11/22 for 25% off AND free ship. I was told could not price adjust shipping and they ASSUMED that I would know about their Black Friday sales. It's my first time ordering, and although I was told 11/19 they had a 16% odd coupon, left it at the original 10% off from the Retail Me Not Code they had said was fake. I was never told that I may want to check back for Black Friday deals because they run out of stock quickly. From Sunday when I ordered until today, Friday, it's still in stock. Leave the decision to ME if I want to take the chance.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Westerly, RI Don't tell me, by three different people that they NEVER ship under $75 free and then miraculously have a promo code for free shipping AND 25% off a few days later. Don't ASSUME I know you have Black Friday deals when it's my first time ordering and not all stores have Black Friday deals. I paid apx $10 more due to this. Do NOT assume I know you have Black Friday deals. Do not tell me orders under $75 are NEVER shipped free, when it obviously is. They price adjusted for the 25%, but less than a week would not price adjust the shipping. They told me they price adjust 24 hours after. I told her I wan not even told that. She said I would not have been told unless I asked. Who would think to ask??? I was also told that I probrably spoke to someone new because of the extra hiring for the holidays. This is not right at all
And I'm now reading an extreme amount of complaints about this company and I can see why, and can only hope that my item even arrives.

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