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I would like someone to contact me, I want to file a lawsuit against ITT Technical Institute when applying for school in 2002 I was told sallie mae was my only option. ITT Technical Institute failed to state my accurate race which is Hispanic and they entered my data as a Caucasian. (I just discovered this error in January 2010 when reviewing the original documentation) I believe I have a strong case against ITT Tech for doing this. I would have received free government loans if my race was entered as Hispanic now I'm almost homeless paying three loans to Sallie mae one at 13.25% interest and the other two at 10.25%

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      9th of Feb, 2010

    I have worked in financial aid in the past, and to my knowledge, there is no free government loans made specifically to the Hispanic race. That being said, there are scholarships that are designed to help Hispanics pay for school, but they have nothing to do with Sallie Mae. What law did ITT Tech break that makes you feel that you have a case against them?

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      5th of Nov, 2010

    I am a former student of ITT Tech, and I'm in the process of forming a case against ITT Tech for fraud based on deceptive business practices, false advertising and predatory lending practices. Anyone who wishes to participate in this effort is free to contact me on my new blog site,

    My goal is to gather evidence from former staff and students from all over the country and present this evidence to the appropriate agencies who can put a stop to what they are still being allowed to do. Even better than that, I hope to be able to put a strong enough class-action case together on all of our behalves to convince the courts to force ITT to reimburse us for the costs we've all incurred because of their deception.

    If we can all get together and fight this, maybe we can at least cause some kind of student loan reform where this illegal activity is no longer allowed to continue and it can no longer rack up victims. And yes, we are victims...we were charged for goods and services that the company did not even attempt to deliver or provide and we deserve to be compensated, or at the very least we deserve a refund of all charges incurred because of this fraud.

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      18th of Feb, 2011

    My son signed up for a computer course at ITT. He told them that he would not be able to afford to attend unless he quailified for a grant. He had no job and I did not feel that ITT was right for him so I refused to give them my financial information. He attended two classes. The first class was an orientation and the second class was one that had started several weeks prior to his signing up. All of this happened before he found out that he did not quailify for a grant. Upon being told he did not quailify for grant funds he returned his books (unused / unopened) and never returned. Several months later he was informed he owed ITT somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000.00. It has been over a year now and he is constantly being called by a collection agency. Beware - the paperwork you complete is an approved loan application basicly a promissary note.

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      3rd of Jun, 2011

    I am a former honors graduate from ITT Tech, the school if you could call it that is a joke, they are con artist. I hope one day several former students bring a class action lawsuit against the school for shady practices. I would happily sign on board with a lawsuit against the school. A short story, I started in the Architectural drafting program with 35 students after 2 years there were 5 that graduated out of that 5, 1 has a job in the field, but all of us have more than $40, 000 in debt for 2 years..

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      19th of Aug, 2011

    I am a current ITT student, and there are several students there now that would LOVE to file a lawsuit against the school. Unfortunately, NO-ONE knows where to start!! We are all looking into this!!

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