ITT Tech / Only finished 1 year...went in Army

1 NY, United States

I attended ITT TECH for 1 year and joined the Army..they collected 2yrs worth of loan money and now the IRS is taking my Fed taxxed untill payed off..i never recieved a cent of the loans, the school did !! They speak as if they are honest and a high level of graduates being hired out of school... "a lie"...many of the friends i made graduated before my first year was up.They were unable to find work unless relocating to the west coast.. Having a young son and aging parents that was not gonna be an option..SO i joined the years later " I OWE"...for an entire 2nd year..Now the IRS is keeping my entire fed tax...This my friends is their big scam !!! completely dishonest !! i never stepped one foot near their campus after that 1st year yet they collected enormous amounts of fed money for the 2nd year tuition... Disrespectfull and Classless not put yourself in this situation !!

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