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1 1226, Kruger Road, Margate, South Africa

My husband buys alcohol at Pick n Pay, hence it is cheaper . 3 weeks ago he came home with out his license and I told him that he will only do a new one after the 25th (when he gets his cheque)

22:00pm on 26/ 01/19 his drinking with his friends at Seaslopes (his man cave) and a lady approaches him asking to see his license. The girl continued saying she has his license at her place and wants my husband to go and pick it up wth her right away.
My husband then notified me and went wth her, on their way she ask what will her payment be!

They came back with the license safe and sound.
My concern is, where does the lost n found items of PICK N PAY go to? Does the staff take it for them selves? What if it was his wallet or his cellphone? Would she have lead him to her house at 22:00pm to pick it up?

We live in a small town (Margate) SOUTH COAST. They would have seen him return to the store and gave him his ID but no, someone took it home.

Jan 26, 2019

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