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itechacharya / scam instead of technical support

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This website offers technical support. But they tried to scam me by scaring me that i had a virus on my computer after taking control of it.
Then told me I had to pay for the virus to be removed. There was no virus or infection on my computer.
They tried to fool me by showing errors and warnings logs and they told me that those were all virus activities.
I have microsoft antivirus and i called microsoft after hanging up on them & microsoft told me that my computer was clean.
What a scam.

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  • Ol
      18th of Apr, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I am one of the itechacharya customer since a long time and still using there support services. I never had these kind of problems with the company and its technicians. Technicians at are very professional and fast enough to resolve the technical problems.

  • Sa
      21st of Apr, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I am regular customer of itechacharya and i am very happy for excellent support. Technicians at itechacharya is really expert in tech support. Thanks to itechacharya for this excellent support.


  • Al
      26th of May, 2012
    -1 Votes

    The same thing happened to me. Someone actually did hack my hotmail but somehow when I googled hotmail assistance online, their name popped up as if they were the tech support guys for I gave them remote access and they made windows pop up without clicking on any links and ran a msdos type file scan which showed that their were an alleged 12 hackers in my system.
    They used fear like our government does with terrorism to force me to buy their service.
    1yr 219.99 2yr-339.99 3yr-439.99 They kept calling me back every 15 minutes for payment so I really backed up and took a deep breath. Since my email was compromised they also added on to the fear by saying that my system was also compromised.
    Malwarebytes and AVG are free so use them instead of these false tech terror sponsored attacks.

    A simple thank you from you guys will do.

    Now I'm glad that I told them that I felt like I was on da floor dying as they walked up and held a gun to my head and said I'd help you if you pay me.

  • Sa
      26th of May, 2012
    +2 Votes


    I am somehow not able to agree to this. I am happy customer for last eight months and I get regular calls from them for free optimization after I have taken these services. I have referred some of my friends and they too seems to be happy with it. These guys actually took me to AVG site and got me registered with the key. Key is actually a genuine one. Also, I got licensed version of Malware bytes. I agree there are free version available on net but these were licensed one. In few months they also gave me free of cost licensed AVG tune up.
    Looks like you must have reached wrong number.


  • Ba
      2nd of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    This company are the ### of the earth. All these ridiculous posts saying "I cannot agree blah blah blah..." are clearly written by the same idiot every time. The company pose as the official Hotmail site and tell you your computer is being hacked. I am deeply ashamed to say that I paid them £56 or so for ripping me off. I even gave my hotmail password, idiot that I am. They are vile. I will post damning reviews on every site available and hopefully lose them a lot more than £56 worth of business. And when I next go to Mumbai (next month), I will pay them a visit. It will be fun.

  • Ro
      11th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Itechacharya is a scam.
    Sam.Joshep seems to be their employee. I checked that their own website and company is only 6 months old. How on earth can he be a customer from 8 months? Hahaha...Nice try but you are all pathetic scammers.

  • Pa
      19th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    My experience is not this bad with itechacharya. I always thought they are very professionals and reliable.

    Paul R.

  • Mi
      20th of Jul, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I got the impression they tried to sell software without justification. I spoke to them about a blocked hotmail account and they talked as if they were the official hotmail team, requesting passwords, DOB etc. they then said our computer was hacked and they could provide the software to sought it but there was a registration fee. If hotmail is blocked I assume the only people who can unblock it are hotmail. When I asked the guy if he was from the official Hotmail Company he hung up. If they were genuine why hang up?

  • Am
      6th of Aug, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Dam right... Stay away from them. I have been an IT person for 20 years now bit I got the number from a site because my hotmail account was locked. I gave them remote access and the person "Mike" ..yeah.. Opened a DOS emulator and tree and then at the command prompt he typed "8564 Treats instead of threats... hhahha what an ###...I told him that he typed it and he said NO SIR I DID not .. I said ok .. thank you for lying and and then he proposed I get AVG license for one nightly nine ... but he meant one hundred nightly nine ... JUST STAY AWAY .. STUPID companies like this exist in the world... dam... NJT

  • Am
      27th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    They are a scam and they will rip you off. Probably all of these positive posts about them were written by their own people. Beware!

  • Ji
      28th of Aug, 2012
    -2 Votes

    My wife thought she called Microsoft support and they said to use ITechacharya .They gave her a phone number to call and they said we had virus and hackers, give them remote access so they could fix all of our problems for $199 per year well I took the bait thinking that Microsoft said to use them . BYE BYE $199. Jim Bj

  • Am
      28th of Aug, 2012
    -2 Votes

    It doesn't have to be bye bye to your $$$. Call your credit card and dispute the charge. Tell them the company is a fraud. That's what I did and I got my money back.

  • Ru
      4th of Oct, 2012
    -2 Votes

    Do not do ANY business with these lying, useless scammers. They do nothing but take your money if you give them any. The comments by "sam joshep" and "oliver saucedo" (learn to spell your on name a little more convincing) are so damn obvious they are employees or being paid to praise these scammers it's sickening.

  • Sw
      6th of Oct, 2012
    -2 Votes

    People i was an employee with this company, and to be honest, it is a scam ! This company is based in INDIA in a city called GURGAON, UDYOG VIHAR, MM TOWER., PLOT NO. 8 & 9, BEHIND AIRTEL BUILDING.
    After taking the remote access of innocent people, who don't know anything about computers, they run a tree command, in the CMD window.., and type what ever they want.., it can be hackers.., virus or anything., Just to frighten u., most of their customers are old people, with whome they build rapport and then take huge amount from them.
    Also they do not have any standard charges.., whatever comes in the mind of the agent you are talking to.., will be presented as a charge.
    Their technicians know nothing about computers, they only optimize your computer and install an antivirus.
    Even the employees of the company know they are doing wrong, but its for survival of their own.
    People, they are big cheaters. Call your bank right now and file a charge back, then you will see them crying, and will willingly refund your money.
    A police case according to IPC CYBER CRIME LAW is in process.
    This company can close at any point in time, take your money back..., spread the word.., save innocent people.

  • Je
      13th of Oct, 2012
    -2 Votes

    having trouble reching your email, but I want you TO CANCEL this service. I contacted MASTER CARD To do so . Thank you for refunding my 399.00 to my card.

  • J2
      25th of Oct, 2012
    -2 Votes

    I think this company is a ripoff. They told me I had lots of dangerous viruses on my computer, but I did not have any. They wanted to charge me a big service fee for "fixing" my "problem".

  • Sl
      16th of Nov, 2012
    -2 Votes

    I had a client who was told by them that someone was hacking into their hotmail account and to pay 80 or 129 pounds for a fix. actually the problem was the browser needed to be reset because it had some corrupt data. Hard sell scam artists in my opinion trying to take advantage of gullible web users.

    Avoid them, use someone who isn't an ad on gogle

  • Bw
      21st of Nov, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Well. As most of you have said. I was unable to access my MSN account due to invalid password. Was in my car, googled MSN premium support. Called the number that came up. ( 1-855-383-7242 ) and the girl, Annie, nice american name, proceeded to tell me that they were MSN and told me I had been hacked and all my settings had been changed. Told me it would cost $149.99 US. Well, I kept questioning her and she verified she was MSN but in a backdoor kind of way. Never said, yes, I am MSN. But never siad no when I questioned it. Proceeded to give her my credit card info-dumb me. And told her to call me back when restored. When she did, the caller id said Egypt. And when they sent me an email doc to electronically sign, it was from that company itechacharya. I called MSN when I got home and they verified that no one from MSN had worked on my MSN premium account. And that they have heard of these third party people doing this. I have since changed all of my security info assocciated with this. Called my credit card company. itech had already charged my credit card even though they said they wouldn't do it until I had signed the electronic documents. But I am disputing it and citicard said they were going to reverse the charges. People beware out there. You can be taken easily and I'm a smart and full of common sense person.

  • Vg
      10th of Dec, 2012
    -2 Votes

    omg. I hae literally come off the phone from them. Good thing I'm a prude. I asked to see reviews on the company before I hand over money for their sold called internet security, after he told me that NOrtan and AVG onl do anti vrus and not internet security, the wa he was almost bulling me into believing him got my back up. Anwa I asked to see reviews, he put me to his website, I said, no mate I want to see what other people are saying, so I google, whilst he's still got remote access and I see scam scam scam, written by various people. As I' scrolling down, he's trying to block me! I'm sitting there thinking what's going wrong with my comp...then it dawned on me. I asked hi his name, he says SHAWN WADSON. Where are you based, someplace in California, what's our manager's name, why do you need this...what's your manager's name..I don't need to answer your questions. I say to him, when I am speaking to a reputable company and I ask for the manager's name they give me the name...he says do you want to speak to the manager, I say no I want his name. There's silence. I tell him I'm reporting him to the police and in the idst o him waffling on about nothing to fear blah blah blah, I hang up. OMG, this guy had remote acess to my computer, can they do anything with my computer now? Sorry for typos and grammar mistakes- I'm so angry! Pls let me know how I can report these ###.

  • Zo
      12th of Dec, 2012
    -2 Votes

    I had problems with my @mail address as i was told recently by itechacharya that 13 people had hacked into my AOL account & maybe some one had changed my password to there password to access my @mails I'm not shore who's lying or what has gone wrong i found there web site just by typing customer services for AOL @mail help in google search engine they where the second one on the list i clicked on there web site i got though to a Indian man it sounded like he was Indian he new i lot about computers i told I'm what had happened he sad i will help you 13 people had logged into your @mail account they where sending spam @mails to my contacts I'm wondering if itechacharya was sending spam @mails to my contacts my AOL @Mail change password sad some one has tried to log in we are blocking your account for safety reasons so now i have to wright to them by letter as there is know security to identify me if you are the @mail account holder I'm really worried as i have personal @mails from company's & contacts like my friends who i contact i thought itechacharya would help me i had the thump screws put on me like all you other people have been though they told me my computer was not safe my IP ADDRESS was unstable & you might be in danger as i had a tec guy logged in to my computer he was telling me that if i did not buy AVG then i will get other problems in the future when he logged in he went straight to my security software he sad what is this i told I'm like a fool he brought up on hes screen a black box with gibberish writing on screen he wanted so much money for there years subscription i just sad to I'm on the phone I'm gowing now by in my mind i wanted to go to the good guys who are the geek squad i will pass on there web site they really help me when I'm stuck or need help on virus removal they only charge 6.99 for there old customers there new price is 7.99 a month for tec support or a one off fee of 80 pounds supposed to 79.99 from itechacharya i use the geek squad a lot for help with my computer there web site is they do remote log in they get you up & running again they don't infect your computer they are a English based call center in the UK they even have in store agents that fix PCs if it count be done over the phone the in store agents are working in partnership with the carphone warehouse i had a PC problem i took it to them they half resolved my PC they sad chuck it out get a new one so I'm using a new PC the geek squad are the safe most trusted web site in the UK if you want help please do not visit as I'm not shore if this company has been taken over by a legit honest company itechacharya told me to night there company operates in California when i was on the phone i heard a strange bleeping sound wile i was on the phone I'm shore they where tracking my call I'm not shore also they have a UK based call center in UK i think they are a scam & till i know they are brought out by a good honest company who are not scamming us all & till then visit geek squad for PC help.

  • Ne
      24th of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @zom I am one of the employee from xcel derv who ran the campaign named I tech acharya on in Gurgaon in mm tower 6 th floor . The manager Neha Gulati a CALL GIRL earlier was established this company with Senthil Kumar then later Senthil wife know the eligal physical relation with that #### called Neha Gulati. Then he just punished and fracture one leg of Neha with steel rod do she is lamb now. But steel that #### super #### Neha Gulati running that company in udhyog Vihar phase v Gurgaon near coral Amba company. That #### has stopped salary of so many Emp and getting ####ed by Senthil and other director from that company.

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