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The Calgary Branch lead by Matias Graf (Project Manager)and Curtis Abramson (Village Idiot/Self Proclaimed Area Operations Mannager). These two clowns are the managers of the Calgary Branch. Intergrity Trust Commitment (ITC) and being reintroduced these jokers as INCOMPETENT THIEVING CLOWNS. Curtis is the ### who creates the bills and Matias is the stupid german who says "I wont pay it!" They are leaving a path of destruction in their wake. The only trades that will bid to them are pricing super high numbers watching their poor conduct or people about to get burned. I dont think the Vancouver Branch knows how stupid these two are. Although it was brought to their attention in an email the Vancouver branch did nothing. Curtis's knowledge of construction is little more than that of a child. If the pace is too fast for him he simply gets confused and angry give no trade the abilit to generate any profit. Matias is your typical blockhead german. He thinks that if he holds all the doe and pays out nothing he has done a good job. He has little or no grasp of the ramifications that can come from stiffing trade contractors on legitamate payments. So in point. Curtis makes the bills and Matias wont pay them! Oh yes, Curtis also claims to be a man of integrity. When I watched his complusive lying only to make one of his employees write a letter on ethics my jaw literaterally dropped. I have never seen such a fake, phony, lying, ###. My recommedation is. DON'T TOUCH THESE GUYS! THEY WILL SCREW YOU. I am going to keep submitting these reports until they pay me what they owe.

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      19th of Nov, 2013

    In working in a with I.T.C. on a major building project, I can only admonish others to avoid any interactions with this company. Their level of integrity leaves much to be desired. Please avoid I.T.C. to engage them in any means will be at your own peril.

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  • De
      23rd of Aug, 2014

    My husband is a mess working with the leader at ITC. They have to redo everything because they have pissing contest and don't lknow what they are doing. My husband is stressed to the max. I never seen him hate ppl like he does here.

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  • Be
      14th of Sep, 2016

    We bought two units in Bridgeland Crossing Calgary by (Gablecraft Homes). BOTH UNITS' closets collapsed within months of possession as the shelves were not screwed into studs. This is not a single incident, they simply don't know how to do their job! ITC is responsible to coordinate and fix the deficiencies. Up to 4 weeks, the shelves were not fixed. Technicians failed to show up at scheduled appointments, not once, not twice but 4 times. No one returned calls and emails where these tech were missing. Nobody keep any promises at ITC! They simply have no integrity and cannot be trusted. The shower leaks too. Gablecraft Homes is another source of frustration. They simply do not care. Afterall they sold their units and got the money already.

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