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ISpeedWay / Fraud and scam

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This is to every single person who has to tried to own their own business and create your own wealth. Internet Speedway is not a scam 99.9% of the people complaining on this website about ispeedway are either lying about their experiences or didn't even open the package they were sent instead they believed the crap on websites like this and canceled before putting in any effort into the business. There is a reason for 5% 'the rich' of Americans have more money then the other 95%'poor or middle class', because this country has a horrible mentality on how money works. There is no way possible for a company with these credentials to be a scam or ripoff come on people. You only scam yourselves, its not this companies job to make you get off your butt do the market research get the site designed and actually work this like a business. The pros of this company is its software system enabling novice users to start a business now if you have big dreams of making a couple thousand each month with it, well its not going to happen over night. You have to understand people that the biggest reason people fail with this is because they run it like a get rich quick scheme, ITS A BUSINESS and the chances of a business that only cost 10 dollars becoming a 6 figure income for you is not realistic. You have to invest the time and certainly the money to make a business work this is how its been done for eons. There are some problems with there program there free cd they say you will receive takes 2 weeks to get to you which you don't even need to make money go figure so people who wine about this didn't listen when they first called in, there support team is a sales department who shows you your options with the company and i have talked to people that did feel it was high pressure sales. The products in the basic store aren't as competitive as the larger retail stores. The main problem with this business is that it markets to novice users who have no experience and unrealistic dreams who procrastinate and wants a fly by night scam. Thats why you see the stories of thousands lost these people do the same crap over and over and expect different results its called insanity. I have made money with this program and i did invest the time and money and what you put into this you will get out of it. It does work its just a process just like any other business so this message is for all of you wondering if ispeedway is a scam. Its not the real question you have to ask yourself is am i ready or capable to run and own my own business. ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

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  • Sa
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    ISpeedWay - Charging my account
    United States

    I have tried numerous times to have this company cancel my subscription. Then after a year i get billed three times for a service I no longer use. I have sent several emails and they tell me they need more info to look into this problem. All I want is this problem solved and a Refund of the three charges the debited from my checking acount.
    Please Help
    Sandra V. Spilman

  • Ta
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    ispeedway is a Scam, not because they are an awful company but because of the way they advertise their company. ispeedway is a great software company for people who want to start up their own web-site with an easy to use approach. The problem is for one their billing and customer service is horrific and they lie about the company and YES THEY DO advertise the web-site will earn money by itself. For this reason alone Ispeedway is a scam, they need to market in a more honest approach but then they wouldn't have so many customers even if half of they are unhappy with their practices.

  • Se
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    Your right it is not for everyone. If you want to invest in this company you don't need the $300 that they claim will get you an e-commerce business that you will make money on. You don't even need the $4000 that they sell you after you sign up for the $300 store. You need at least another $7 or 8000 because they tell you everytime you call them to tell them something is not working or that you cannot sell anything it is because you don't have this program that cost $400 or that program that cost $1300 or you are not advertising in their brochures at a cost of $10, 000 or more. I am sure that their stores work for some people but they are not for the honest person who believes that all they have to invest is the initial amount. If they told you what your real investment is there is no way that about 90% of the people that have bought into it would have done it. What is more when you see it is not working for you and that it requires not only a lot more time and education than what they claim and that it is not for you they will not gladly refund your money. They will not honor their guarantees. They have more loop holes than a knitted sweater and they will suck every penny out of you they can possibly get.

    I am sure this company would work for you if you are an expert in marketing and are well educated in the internet based businesses but it is not for the person who invests every penny they have and have no experience in marketing and no education or experience in an internet business. They have your money and it really don't matter to them whether or not you sell anything or if the website works right. I tried to use their auction program to list something on ebay and it has not worked for over a week. When I called the tech number I don't get a tech I get a salesman telling me that the reason it doesn't work is that I need to buy a program that cost another $1300 to get started. He is not interested in fixing the problem or that I have no money because I have spent it all on this business that I have yet to make a penny on. The only advise they give is on what programs I need to buy to make it work better when what they have doesn't work now.

    The coaches they provide are actually just salesmen that use your ignorance about what is needed and take advantage of you to sell more of their products instead of giving honest advise that is in your best interest.

    I have no problem with people earning a living I have no problem with salesman who sell products but I do have problems with a coach who is supposed to have your best interest in mind and to give honest advise to help you and not just see how many programs they can talk you into that they know and know that you will have to invest a lot more than the initial amount or it will not be profitable and you will not make your money back.

    If I speedway would be honest about the actual investment to have a successful business they would not be near as successful as they claim to be.

    I have tried numerous times to get my money back but they will not give it back and other than hireing an expensive lawyer that I cannot afford I will never see it again. On top of that the lawyer would probably get all the money anyway.

  • Ho
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Hahahaha...Sven got Reality checked and stepped into epic failure. Most of these businesses are all the same and just want you to buy in a little deeper and a little deeper without ever needing fulfill all the garbage they just fed you. Honestly, if you want an easy start-up online business. Just create one of these hoaxes, check your morality at the door and let thousands of people hand you money for empty promises. That's the way to earn money on the internet.

  • Sc
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    ispeedway has zero integrity. I never received any information in the mail and no one contacted me. They are still charging my credit card even after I canceled the account. I have called them several times and all they do is apologize and say the representative dropped the ball, but I still have not gotten the money back and I know I never will. I am a single mom struggling to pay rent, bills, and raise my children. They should be ashamed of treating people in this manner. The only way to make sure they do not keep charging your credit card is to cancel your credit card.

  • Ve
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    Biggest Scam Ever!

    They sold me a CD for 1.88 to try for the first 15 days, and charged me 99.98 (which I am unaware of), without me activating the account! The scam is this, eventhough they have this activateAccount button, without you activating it, they will automatically activate it for you, charge you 99.98 every month, until you inactivate it.

    Stay away from their too-good-to-be-true ads on google and msn!!!

    Anyway, I talked with them, explaining everything. They refused to listen, laughed at me (that attitude of' no one can do a damn thing to me'), refused to refund my money, told me to go ahead and post Scam Alert, so here I am posting a Scam alert.

    I don't mind paying for what I bought, but to take my money without my consent is wrong, and upsetting, wouldn't you be?

    If this ever happen to you guys out there who are trying to seek for a legitimate business to make some income, Call the bank or your credit card company! Alert them, cancel your card, file a Complaint to get your money back (yes even with Debit Cards, I didn't think it will work, but it did).

    I got my money back through Wells Fargo (not through Ispeedway, they will not refund you a dime, god forbid, those ###, they think they can get away with it, because most of us are too passive and lazy to do anything about it, that's why they're out there scamming you. Just think, they will make what 100 million dollars just by scamming a million people, Don't let them get you my brothers!) Just file a claim through your bank, or your credit card, just say it was " a wrongful charge without my consent, I didn't know anything about this!")

    If you accidentally bought a setup CD from them for 1.88, follow up, cancel it with them before they charge you 99.98 dollars after 15 days (keep in mind if you don't activate your account, they will do it without your consent! You've been warned).

    Bottomline, this is a complete Scam for any of us out there trying to seek a legitimate business to get into. Stay away from!!!

  • Al
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I did open account. I did set up everything they want me to. "Member prices" (my cost) on the "Werhouse Direct" products are higher then retail price on most of the stores. Can't compete with anyone. No visitors on my site, no sale. All what they want is next upgrade, or more money... SCAM

  • Pu
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    I got billed by these miserable individuals for $99.95. When I questioned this unauthorized billing I was told I had exceeded my evaluation period. This is before any package of materials even arrived. When I told them this they said they sent be an email. This initial period has been one of deception lack of clarity and rudeness. I strongly recommend that legitimate home business seekers do not ask these people for information on their opportunity unless they want to pay a hundred bucks for a run around.

  • Ri
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    ITS FALSE ADVERTISING !!!...Using a bait and switch tactic... I cannot believe that i was succered into this ...The fact is that i run a successfull business and wanted to compliment it online with a website .. I was promised approx 10, 000 hits per month which was the main reason for me signing up and went for the Ultimate Platinum package and you know how much that costs !!! .
    The bottomline is Income VS Expenses people !!!...I received on average 1000 hits per month Far below what was advertised, No sales, Very poor service and support companies calling you with attitudes offering their services at an additional price .
    The fact still remains is that i could have rolled over the same money i put out 5 times and made upwards of 300% profit annually . Which i still do !! and with alot more $$ also ...ALL IN ALL < ITS A BAD/ POOR INVESTMENT

  • Oo
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I had signed up to recieve information regarding internet sales - little did I realize that the $1.99 charge I agreed to would have created such a financial nightmare. After never receiving anything from this company, I received a charge on my checking account for 99.95 - after contacting the bank and finding the funds were withdrawn by "ispeedway" I contacted them. Explained I have not used their services and they agreed to cancel my "account" - a credit was then made to my checking account. Case closed - right? Not - that was in September. Here it is December and what do I find has occurred - again - another charge to my account from "Monterrey Company" I contacted "Monterrey Company" they processed the charge under the authorization for "ispeedway" and would not refund without proof of cancelation from "ispeedway".
    Contacted "ispeedway" after speaking with three different people they finally agreed to "cancel" my account - the account that I never had, and the account they closed in September. I am still waiting for my funds to be returned to my account. Run, Run, Run do not walk away from any interest you may have in persuing information from this company - fraudlent charges apparently is what keeps them in business!

  • Vw
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    i-speedway takes your money and gives little or nothing in return.

    They showed me a flashy highclass website, so paid them to do a website upgrade and what I got for the money was certainly not flashy and to boot the website was aimed at women who ride motorcycles and they put a guy (not a girl) front and center at the top of the Home page.

    They promised 10, 000 visiters and I averaged 6 per day from them, and even though I only ship in the U.S. they included overseas clients. I did not receive any from them until I complained about it. Was going to take one heck of a long time to hit 10, 000 at that rate.

    They wasted my money with with so-called coaching sessions that simply walked me through things like how to list on free advertising sites. When they could have as easily just pointed out who and where they were because each of them has their own "How To" secions.

    The items in their warehouse are over priced and of poor quality. So if you are going to seel items you are proud of you still have to seek most of your inventory from outside. So all in all I wasted a lot of money and 1 year of my life trying to make this work. Unless you have money to spare and time you dont know what to do with stay away from i-speedway.

  • Na
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    The way this product is sold is called "forced continuity marketing" or "Negative Opt in". If you don't check the fine print and terms of service you are going to be charged a monthly fee that they hope you wont realize that they are charging you because few people check their bank or Credit Card statements. If you want to learn how to make money with eBay without getting bamboozled the best info I have found is Skip McGraths Complete eBay Marketing System. He has a money back guarantee and he is actually and editor of eBay radio and actually values his online reputation. Hope this helps someone out.

  • Ci
      4th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I tried to contact them about canceling my account. I got to speak woth one person about it and she said she hoped I would stick witht he program to make money and that she would leave a message for her manager to call me back. Her manager is the person who sold me the package. I bought the Silver package. He said they would build the website for me. They did but wow that mean you're going to make the money he suggest I would make. He also didn't tell me about advertising for the website. He made it seem like once I paid them $1, 200 for the Silver package I would then they would take care of everything and all I had to do was check my mail once a week for orders and process them online. Wrong. I had to submit my website to search engine every month and most of them were junk search engines. If there are so many people in the program then how many times is my ispeedway website going to get clicked when I'm on the same search engine as all the other ispeedway sights? It made no sense once I thought about it. They never contacted me back after I left messages about cancelling. I called me bank and had debit card cancelled. So if you used your card you can cancel it. Otherwise if you used a check you may have to cancel your account. When I spoke to my bank they said if you put a stop payment on their debit they can change the amount by $.01 and charge you again or under a different business name.

  • Fr
      16th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    What happend to ISPEEDWAY? my website is no longer on the web. I have spent thousands of hard earned dollars building my store on the web and now I don't seem to have a store. I bought the Platinum Super Store, Ebay Store And the Facebook Page also I forked over $1500.00 for my blog page and still owe them $750.00 to build the page. I have lifetime web hosting twice one for the gold store and one for the Platinum Store also I have or had lifetime Wearehouse membership and search engine submissions. Now I can't call ISPEEDWAY because no one answers the phone and all of there websites are all disabled along with mine. I smell Class Action.

  • Fr
      16th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've been with ISPEEDWAY SINCE 2007 and I have never made a dam dime. E-mail me at

  • Ad
      4th of Dec, 2011
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    Where is Ispeedway? I have life time membership with them since Jan. of 2009 and I have made less than 500.00 using their system. I have spend over 11, 000.00 with them. Looking back, I really think I should have gone to a college and learn about internet marketing. Ispeedway is a waste of money!!!

  • Bl
      5th of Jul, 2013
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    I gave iSpeedway a shot, and was making Money. I had multiple page formats featuring promotion, entertainment info & music. I operated the site for about 2-3 years. I had read about scams and such, but never thought of iSpeedway as falling into this category. They even were working with me when I was late on my dues. They only problem I had was when I went to log in one day to update some code, the sites, mine and theirs, was inaccessible, and the domains appeared for sale on a page I was redirected to. No One answered the phone anymore, and they stopped calling me. They just disappeared with my page and months and months of code. I didn't get scammed and my customers were happy with my store, but they just vanished.

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