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Dear sir,
I have joined excelledIa quality consultants on 10th Nov 2014 and worked till 26th Nov ' 2014.

I have joined them on a 2 year contract and all of a sudden they have booked a ticket for my return by Kuwait airways on(today), i.e, 27 Nov 2014 17.45 hrs, without giving me even time to meet the labour dept. to lodge a complaint about their cheating attitude.

The salary agreed was 15000QAR PER MONTH.
CEO Mr.Farooque of excelledia had told me that THEY WILL SEND THE SALARY ONLY TO MY INDIA ACCOUNT after a week AND WILL NOT GIVE IT IN HAND.
They have sent me to India without paying anything except booking flight tickets and 500 QAR on the day of arrival.

They have till today had not sent any salary and on enquiry, they are telling that they will not pay a penny out of my salary, which is nothing but a cheating act. Mr.Farooque and Harish Nair told me that " you can't do anything as Qatar has no WPS like UAE" and we are having a very strong Sponsor.

I was informed by a certification body in India that they have also confirmed that they had a similar experience and the beggers of Excelledia Quality Consulting had cheated them also.

(The pathetic part is that they have got a chance to implement IMS, where as they do not know even how to address the design till I address them. I have worked for the Qatar Olympic committee Project during the period of my stay writing procedures along with flow charts apart from doing other jobs like defining Quality Policy, Quality objectives, addressing design by validation for QOC. Once it is completed they have informed me that they do not want my services and asked me to go back to India).

Without knowing the effects of failure, Mr.Farooque and Maheswaran have asked me why I have informed about the need for the Design Validation to Qatar Olympic Committee.

I have informed them that if the playgrounds are not validated by the contractor/outsourced company for level, free from slopes, uneven surface, camper, flatness, roughness of ground (so that it neither it leads to slips of the player nor damaging the sole of the player), parallelism, squareness before handover by simulating the conditions, it will spoil the name of the country QATAR itself which inturn will affect the reputation of QOC as well as Excelledia Quality Consulting.

It is because of the technical incapability of Excelledia Quality Consulting, they do not like me informing about the design validations to QOC and according to Maheswran Natarajan, it will become a 2 year job for them.

In fact they are searching for excuses to refuse the salary disbursement.

I am attaching following copies of :

1.the mails sent by them

2. My passport

3. VISA sent by them

4. Scanned in and out of QATAR immigration pages

5. Appointment order sent by them

Kindly arrange to get my salary. It is very sorry to inform you that these type of employers will only spoil the image of the country and their licence/s have to be cancelled like UAE. (till 20th Jan 2015).

My India no. Is +[protected].

My UAE No. is +[protected]

Jan 04, 2015

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